The fast, scalable, and powerful blockchain for Web3, Hive, and the decentralized micro-blogging platform DBuzz became the most after-sought booth during the FrolicBlock as it was packed by millennials during the hottest summer blockchain event in the South.

Hive Booth Packed by Millenials

Hive as one of the major sponsors of the FrolicBlock Event held last Friday, June 9, 2023, at the Menzi Beach Park and Campsite located on the white sands of Dahican Beach in Mati City, Davao Oriental, was accorded with a booth wherein millennials were seen converging in the booth because of some fun and exciting free merchandise from Hive, 3Speak, and D.Buzz.

As part of the FrolicBlock’s activities every attendee of the event is required to pass through a total of four stations for them to qualify for exciting prizes, free merchandise from various crypto projects who were present during the event, and the most exciting part is the chance to avail of the highly coveted SummerFrolic ticket which costs around P3,500 each for the VIP.

Most of the attendees during the FrolicBlock event were millennials, so upon learning the things that Hive has to offer for them to get an easy entrance into Web3 and cryptocurrency, they immediately took time to be part of the peaceful revolution by being onboarded to Hive and they were onboarded with the help of the micro-blogging platform D.Buzz.

Hive Booth

According to a newbie user, @simoncarl on Hive, he learned about the importance of content ownership through the information discussed by D.Buzz.

He was also thankful for giving him the opportunity to own a Hive wallet which will surely lead to some exciting and fun ways to learn the basics of cryptocurrency. Simon Carl was even surprised that the username he is using right now is already his wallet, unlike the other cryptocurrency that features a hard-to-remember username.

Some millennials who participated in the event and made their first buzz were even surprised at how easy it was to be onboarded on Hive by just using their own phone to receive and claimed their accounts.

FrolicBlock is the first-ever blockchain event organized by the MAD Project in coordination with the Davao DeFi Community and the Local Government of Mati City. It was attended by some of the most prominent names in the crypto space not only from Mindanao but also from different places in the Philippines and international guests representing their companies.

The blockchain event is considered a pre-event for the highly anticipated SummerFrolic that features some of the world’s most renowned DJs and music performers. The event draws thousands of crowds from different parts of Mati City; some even traveled for hours to visit Dahican Beach in Mati City.

FrolicBlock Booth

Who are the organizers of FrolicBlock:

FrolicBlock was organized by the MAD Project in coordination with the Davao DeFi Community in coordination and full support of the Local Government of Mati City.

The organizer, The MAD Project, is a well-intentioned organization that recognizes the importance of technology in today’s society and seeks to equip individuals for the ever-evolving world of technology.

The main goal of the MAD project is to democratize the research process and enable individuals who may not have access to advanced technologies or information resources, to participate in research projects and contribute to the creation of knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Davao DeFi Community is a local non-profit community in the crypto space. They aim to build a growing community, designed to help people understand blockchain and cryptocurrency so they can avoid scams, and learn the necessary knowledge about ownership, investment, and become autonomous entrepreneurs adapting web 3.0 technology.

FrolicBlock 3


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