The highly anticipated Bull or Bear: Brushes & Pixels organized by the leading edutech firm in the Philippines, Bitskwela, will feature some of the most prominent Key Opinion Leaders in the Web3 space. Nathan Senn of Hive and DBuzz, Giu Comia of Tekkon, Gelo Wong of Likha, and Isis Umali of Likhaan will make a 5-minute presentation of their projects to hundreds of arts and crypto enthusiasts in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Meet the Keynote Speakers of BoB: Brushes & Pixels (A Debate on NFT and Fine Arts)

Nathan Senn (Hive Representative and DBuzz Speaker):

Hive Representative
Blockchain Developer & Hive Representative

Davao-based self-taught coder and serial entrepreneur Nathan Senn will represent Hive, a community-backed blockchain that provides fast, scalable, and powerful blockchain for Web3. Hive has a thriving ecosystem of over a hundred decentralized applications (DApps), communities, and projects. It is home to some of the world’s most popular Web3 apps such as Splinterlands, PeakD, and Hive.Blog.

Nathan Senn is also the co-founder of the Philippine-based decentralized micro-blogging platform built on top of the Hive Blockchain, D.Buzz. The micro-blog is a Twitter alternative and is considered one of the fastest-growing DApps on Hive.

Alongside guerilla marketer, Chris Rice, the founder of ShelterListings.org, a non-profit organization in the United States, founded D.Buzz with some of the key figures in the HivePhilippines.com in-person meetups in Davao City last 2020.

Hive and D.Buzz are prominent partners of Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear Debate for the past few editions held in various parts of the country. In the first Bull or Bear (BoB) Debate in Davao City, Hive was just one of the guests, but on the second BoB Debate in La Union, Hive was one of the key partners giving Nathan Senn a slot to present Hive through a keynote speech before the debate proper.

During the second edition of the Bull or Bear event in La Union, Nathan Senn emphasized the importance of storing our crypto safely in cold wallets. He made an introduction to D.Buzz and its role in Web3 social media ownership, the unique features of the Hive ecosystem, and the reasons why it is ideal for Web3 developers. He also stressed the importance of the saying “not your keys, not your crypto.”

Gio Comia (Tekkon Brand Ambassador):

Giu Comia is the Brand Ambassador for Tekkon, a Web3 app that promotes social good by empowering users (citizens) to help fix their local community’s infrastructure. Users (Citizens) can earn a token by posting and reviewing infrastructure data.

He is also one of the top Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in Web3. Giu Comia is a WCOPA Gold and Silver medalist & the singer behind the song “Bigyan Mo Na Sana.”

Tekkon is a Pokemon Go-like app that uses crowdsourcing to collect information that public utilities need to keep power lines and water networks operating smoothly. The Web3 app was introduced by the Whole Earth Foundation, a nonprofit started by Takashi Kato, a Japanese entrepreneur who previously founded Fracta Inc., a startup that uses software to identify the weak points in urban water networks to help cities, utilities, and construction companies pinpoint the decay of pipes before they break ground.

According to the whitepaper released by Tekkon, when they developed the first version of the app, members of the public took photos of all 10,500 of the sewer manholes in Shibuya City, Tokyo-data that the sewerage board had not been able to obtain-with their smartphones in just three days.

Gelo Wong (Likha CEO):

Gelo Wong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Likha, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform built for world-class brands and artists.

Likha is a Non-Fungible Token platform and marketplace that provides users, artists, and brands the ability to mint, market, and manage the sale of their digitized or digital assets.

According to the official website of Likha, their first collection dubbed “Simula” features handmade art from 10 curated Filipino artists and brands that are immortalized through NFTs. The second collection of Likha, the Exodus Collection is an open collection featuring 25 amazing artists from different disciplines; coming from both traditional and digital art backgrounds.

Isis Umali (Likhaan CEO):

Likhaan CEO

Isis Umali is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Likhaan, a premier online platform, and social marketplace app that connects Filipino creators and their works of art to the world.

Likhaan aims to make its platform the global destination for discovering unique artworks. As part of Likhaan’s commitment to elevating the art industry, they also enable creators to easily thrive in local and international markets by providing them with the necessary tools and support.

They provide space for creators to have sustainable support, access to skill-building programs, and effective global connections and for buyers, Likhaan offers a secure and efficient shopping experience at all times.

The main reason why they do it, is because of the fact that a lot of Filipino artists and their artworks get little to no recognition, which further restricts them from bigger connections, exposures, and opportunities.

Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear Brushes & Pixels:

Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear Events is known within the Web3 community and eagerly anticipated by its members and the cryptocurrency communities in the Philippines. The event has been a significant part of major Web3 gatherings in the country.


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