When I was a child, there is nothing I wanted more than a Power Wheels Barbie-themed Jeep. For every birthday and every Christmas, for literally years, I begged my parents for one. Alas, I’m still Barbie Jeepless at the age of 34. I have now made it my life’s mission to make sure that my daughter has something similar to the toy that I never got my hands on as a kid.

Other millennials, like myself, know the heartache of never getting that one special toy, which is why now so many companies are preying on our generation’s fascination with nostalgia.

One TikTok user begged the question, “What did boomers do that made every 30-something year old want to buy toys?”

One woman had a very personal answer for that question — and now she’s going viral.

TikTok user @thecuphoarder shared a story that is 20 year in the making involving a My Size Barbie and a harsh move from a boomer mom.

“1994, and young millennial me only wanted one thing for Christmas — one thing — and that one thing was a My Size Barbie,” she begins.

She explains that she did, in fact, receive a My Size Barbie for Christmas, and she was ecstatic. “I could have cried. I was so happy. I was going to be best friends with this Barbie. I was going to wear Barbie’s clothes, Barbie was going to wear my clothes. Who could have wanted anything more? My life was fulfilled,” she jokes.

However, when her mom noticed that she was a head taller than the Barbie, things took a dark turn. “She goes, ‘You’re taller than the Barbie.’ That’s not a problem for me. I can still play with this Barbie. I’ll wear her clothes. She’ll wear my clothes. And she’s like, ‘But, it’s not a My Size Barbie because it’s not your size.’”

When her mom realized that the OP wasn’t going to play with the doll in the way that she thought her daughter should, she packed up the toy and returned it to the store.

Twenty years later, as a grown adult, she now owns her very own My Size Barbie.

“…even though it is very much not my size anymore,” she joked in the clip standing next to the vintage box.

The video — which now has over 2.1 million views — caught the attention of other millennials who are working to heal their inner child.

“Oh my God, that was heartbreaking. I am so so sorry,” one user empathized.

Another user mocked a typical boomer response and wrote, “And they have the nerve to ask ‘what trauma?’”

Another user said, “That was evil 😭 my heart would never heal.”

To which the OP light-heartedly replied, “Barbie heals all wounds. And now that I have her again I am whole.”

One user related to the OP’s story, commenting that her mom refused to buy her one because she was too big. “Omg!!! My mom never got me one either bc ‘tHeY dOnT cOmE iN yOur sIzE sWeEtie’ I’m 32 and still upset,” they wrote.

The OP replied, “I think we should petition Mattel and Barbie to put these back in production again so we can all get them.”

Barbie does make a 28” tall Barbie doll similar to the ‘90s My Size Barbie but most millennials agree she just doesn’t hit the same.

The original My Size Barbie dropped in 1992 and was 36 inches tall. Many iterations followed, allowing kids around the ages of 6-8 to wear the same clothes as their dolls. The last My Size barbie was released in 2008 — and since then some vintage My Size Barbies have been selling for considerable amounts. Perhaps to women who didn’t get one as a girl.


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