That wide-eyed look a child gets after that first taste of ice cream is totally priceless. The same goes for when a bite of lemon hits their lips. Introducing new foods to kids can be hilarious (see: lemon), nerve-wracking (see: peanuts), and also frustrating (see: my kid refusing anything “green” because green is “yucky”).

Nevertheless, food and kids can be an extremely personal and sensitive journey of milestones for a parent. So, what happens when someone in your inner circle thoughtlessly decides to overstep big-time? One U.K. mom knows all about that — and now she’s pissed.

British mom and TikTok content creator, Katie, shared a frustrating and relatable story about people totally crossing the line when it came to her baby, Aria, and “need to rant” about the incident.

In a now-viral TikTok video with over 1 million views, Jones explained that she was visiting a friend with her husband and four-month-old child when someone at the house — who was holding her baby — decided to give her a taste of chocolate cake.

Her husband saw what was occurring and ran into the kitchen yelling “No!” while attempting to get the cake out of his daughter’s mouth.

“I grabbed my baby, stung out of the house, haven’t spoken to this person since,” she explained.

After storming out of the house due to her very reasonable boundaries being crossed, Katie was accused of overreacting about the situation. Specifically, she was told it was “not a big deal.”

Even though she doesn’t have any explaining to do, she goes on to note that her 4-month-old was not weaned off milk and had only tried a bit of watermelon one time.

“The reason I’m so mad about it is because I felt like a precious moment had been taken away from us and just for the expense of like someone’s laughter,” she said. “On top of that chocolate cake has like, sugar, dairy, caffeine, all these things in that I want to control with my baby. Like that is my boundaries, what I set and nobody should overstep that.”

Seems like a pretty simple request to ask the mother of the child if it’s okay to introduce brand new foods to a literal baby before going ahead and doing it yourself.

She revealed that this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and she is sick of clarifying her boundaries. “I don’t get why people love to put things in babies’ mouths!” she exclaimed on TikTok.

A flurry of comments came in supporting her emotions after the boundary violation. “I would be SWINGING no solids are going into my babies mouth until she’s 6 months,” one user wrote.

Katie replied, “Exactly, no solids let alone something like cake”

“What if the baby has any allergies?” pointed out an insightful viewer.

“This is absolutely crossing a boundary,” commented another. “Stand your ground!”

Some commenters suggested that her storm out was unnecessary and defended the person who fed the baby cake, suggesting that Katie should have explained why feeding a 4-month-old solids is a no-go, especially cake.

“That person probably didn’t mean any harm, just make it a learning lesson and say, please don’t feed my baby without my permission,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “I would be annoyed however i probs wouldn’t storm out the house i would sit and explain why not and ask not to do it again or ask me first.”

One thing’s for sure that everyone can learn from this incident: when you’re spending time with an infant, always, always ask a parent before feeding them anything.


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