TikTok Mom Shares Humbling Photos Her Baby Took In Hilarious Video


Admit it. Most parents have given their kid their phone at one time or another to keep them still and distracted while they try to blow their nose, brush their hair, or change a dirty diaper. Somehow, these kids always manage to open up the camera app and become sudden professional photographers of the chaos around them.

One TikTok mom, Emily Haswell, decided to share her one-year-old’s gallery-worthy photographs with her followers in a hilarious analysis that included some not-so-flattering photos of herself and her house —though she’s taking it all in stride in the best, most satirical way.

“Hi, I let my one year old hold my phone while I change her diaper in order to keep her still,” she begins. “Let’s review some of the photos she’s taken.”

First up, Haswell shares a photo that her daughter, Sadie, took as Haswell looks down upon her while wearing her best Exhausted Mom face.

“This is the first photo that Sadie took where I really felt like she had some potential,” she jokes.

“You can just see how she captured the moment that I opened the diaper and just lost all hope. My eyes, there’s no light in the eyes, hands down by the side, just complete defeat and I think Sadie really captured that perfectly.”

She moves onto a more abstract photo her daughter took that Haswell jokingly describes as Sadie’s “early work, very amateurish, very blurry.”

“I do like the story that the motion down here is telling because you can see that I am grabbing her foot in order to not get her to smear it in her own feces,” she says.

Moving on to a screenshot from a slow-motion video her daughter somehow shot while playing with her mom’s phone, Haswell analyzes the photo as “innovative,” describing how perfectly her one-year-old captured the dread she felt realizing that potty training was still such a far-off dream.

Lastly, her budding artist’s “most recent work” shows improvement, according to Haswell. “Look at the juxtaposition between the sad woman changing the diaper and the unused bassinet full of laundry. I mean, chef’s kiss,” she commends.

With hundreds of thousands of moms relating to this all-too-real account, Haswell went viral with almost half a million views and over 100k likes. Moms also chimed in, commenting on Haswell’s video with their own critiques on little Sadie’s budding photography career.

One user, who has the top comment on the video, named the last photo Sadie took: “Sad Woman Changing Diaper with Laundry Basket.”

Another user wrote, “the difference in technique between the first one and the last is very impressive but I’m more of a fan of the real raw emotion in her early work.”

Another zinged, “She takes pictures like my MIL does.”

Others joked about how interesting it is that kids just so happen to always find the right angels to truly humble their mothers. “Her signature style, the upwards shot, combined with the subject matter really show the juxtaposition of a powerful being humbled by nature,” another joked.


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