As you’ve probably figured out, you’re doing pretty much everything wrong, according to TikTok. Every day there is some new hack, whether it’s how to use your potato peeler, how to fold your cereal box, or in this case, how to curl your eyelashes.

According to Audrey Boos, also known as TikTok beauty influencer @audboos, you can achieve longer-looking lashes by curling them upside-down (you’re trying to picture how that’s even possible in your head, aren’t you?). While you might think an upside-down curl would leave your lashes flat and straight and without lift, you should know that the trick is to do the upside-down method first, and then curl them regularly, right-side up.

Boos explains how to do this method while comparing the regular way of curling on one eye and her way on the other eye. When curling upside-down, she says, “(You) don’t need to get the root, but just get all the mid-shaft to ends of your lashes and just clamp all the way down.”

Once you’ve curled the ends, you are then going to flip your curler right-side-up and clamp the root, giving it that lift that it needs.

She explains and shows how at first, when you only have done the upside-down part, they are going to just be sticking straight out, as you would expect. Once you curl the root the regular way, they’ll be reaching up to the stars.

In the video, you can see a significant difference in her two eyes. Her lashes using the upside-down method were touching her eyebrows, whereas the other lashes were not even close. She even added more mascara on the other eye to prove that it did not have to do with how much product you were using, but simply just the curling method. You can think of it as creating the right base for the mascara and that comes from the prep involved.

The eyelash curler she is using is from Tweezerman.

Some users in the comments claimed that the regular way looked better, as they weren’t as straight looking. Boos replied by explaining how it’s just the difference of an L-shaped curl, rather than the traditional C-shaped curl. However, many other commenters were blown away by the method, claiming, “You’ve just changed the eyelash game.”

One user joked at how Boos came to this realization, commenting, “Love it but did you wake up one day and grab your eyelash curler and be like ‘It’s upside down day’?” Boos replied with “Basically LOL.”

With so many expensive or time-consuming eyelash hacks (cough cough: false lashes), it’s hard not to love the simplicity here — and the fact that you likely already have all of the tools you need to get started. You just have to turn one upside down.


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