The U.K. Costco Bakery Section Has U.S. Shoppers In A Tizzy

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Costco shoppers know that there is just something that hits different about it than other grocery stores. From the free samples to the fact that you can get underwear, a $1.50 hot dog, and pasta sauce all in one trip, Costco provides convenience, bulk prices, and customer service that you can’t really find elsewhere.

But not everyone knows that U.S. is not the only country graced with the magic that is Costco. The United Kingdom has their own version of the membership warehouse, and according to customers, the bakery section is a foreign land of delicious goodies that we don’t have at all.

Instagram account, @costcofans, showcases Costco-related items, sales, and specials. They also revealed seven new dessert items ready to premiere at certain Costco locations in the U.K., and according to U.S. Costco regulars, the food looks so good, you’ll want to update that passport.

The new U.K. bakery lineup includes Belgian Chocolate Shortbread, Filled Mini Pastries, Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Cream Mini Victoria Sandwiches, Profiteroles Dessert, Victoria Sandwich Cake, and Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Beignets.

The Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Beignets became the talk of the town in the Instagram account’s comment section with shoppers noting the treat is a 10/10.

“I live in London and tried the hazelnut beignets the other day — they are a ‘new addition’ compared to the other desserts that have been there for a while. I can confirm they are possibly the softest and most comforting food ever 😍 10/10,” one commenter wrote.

Several other commenters shared their newfound resentment towards their home country, suddenly balking at the U.S. Costco bakery sections that now pale in comparison.

“Oh heck no … now I’ve gotta add ‘Find flights to all countries in Europe with Costcos’ to my bucket list?” said another, while someone else pointed out, “We are getting shafted at our Costcos in the USA! I love all of these!!”

“Why we gotta live like animals with Costco US?!” one user joked.

In 2021, a U.S. Costco shopper traveled across the pond to check out the similarities and differences between the two stores. The two stores seem to have several similarities, such as separate rooms for produce and dairy as well as the famously popular rotisserie chickens which cost £3.99, matching the U.S.’ $5 version.

One interesting difference between the two stores, though, was the menu at the food court. While they both offered the famous Costco hotdog and pizza, the U.K. Costco serves cottage pie — a dish made with minced beef and mashed potatoes — as well as a double chicken fillet sandwich. I’ll take one of each — and a box of those beignets.


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