MAD Project the organization responsible for the highly anticipated FrolicBlock Event in Mati City dubbed as the hottest blockchain event in the South, announced just recently a very interesting pre-party experience at the first edition of FrolicBlock.

The organization through its official Facebook Page called out the attention of all SummerFrolic ticket holders for a pre-party experience called Phoenix Egg Hunt which will be held at the Menzi Beach Resort, Dahican, Mati City, Davao Oriental.

This coming June 9, 2023, the MAD Project in coordination with the Davao DeFi Community announced through their official website the Mechanics of the Phoenix Egg Hunt experience.

All SummerFrolic Adventurers are called to embark on an extraordinary quest and participate in the legendary Phoenix Egg Hunt.

Here’s the Mechanics of the Phoenix Egg Hunt:

  1. Present your SummerFrolic ticket or Frolicblock ticket to the Information Center.
  2. Once confirmed, participants will be given a wristband and Egg hunt stamp card.
  3. Participants have to get to create their first-ever Web3 Wallet at the Wallet Station. They will then go to the following station. Each station will provide tasks to overcome. After completing the tasks, participants have to secure stamps from the said stations.
  4. Go from Station 1 to Station 7
  5. Once the stamp card is complete.

For SummerFrolic Ticket Holders
-Proceed to Minting Station
-Proceed to Spin the Wheel Station

For FrolicBlock Ticket Holders
-Proceed to Spin the Wheel Station

According to the MAD Project announcement, we should stay tuned for more updates, clues, and an official guide to the Phoenix Egg Hunt.

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled fusion of SummerFrolic Phoenix Evolution and Frolic Block – an unforgettable adventure where the ancient phoenix rises to meet the blockchain revolution.

The MAD Project the organization behind the first-ever FrolicBlock which will feature some of the most prominent names and brands in the Web3 space aims to promote Dahican Beach, Mati City to be the go-to place for various Web3-related events in the Philippines.

FrolicBlock was made possible through the efforts of the MAD Project, the Davao Defi Community, and the City of Mati and sponsored by Coins.Ph, Hive.io, BitGet, D.Buzz, XWinner, Digitalion, QBN Ltd., Zetachain, and D Ecosystem.

The decentralized micro-blogging platform based in the Philippines, D.Buzz which is built on top of the Hive blockchain is one of the first Web3 communities that throws its support with the FrolicBlock event.

Through DBuzz founder Chris Rice, the community-managed blockchain, Hive will be represented and be visible throughout the highly anticipated blockchain event. Hive, 3Speak.Tv, and D.Buzz will also distribute merchandise for free at the said event.

Some of the most prominent news media outlets in the Philippines will be present also during the FrolicBlock event. Mainstream media outlets like GMA7, TV5, and the government-owned People’s TV will be there also alongside SunStar News.

The MAD Project is a well-intentioned organization that recognizes the importance of technology in today’s society and seeks to equip individuals for the ever-evolving world of technology.

The main goal of the MAD Project is to democratize the research process and enable individuals who may not have access to advanced technologies or information resources, to participate in research projects and contribute to the creation of knowledge.

FrolicBlock was also organized through the efforts of the Davao DeFi Community (DDC), an organization based in Davao City, Philippines. It is a vibrant and active community of individuals passionate about blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and the Web3 ecosystem.

The DDC also shares valuable insights, ideas, and information through its articles on Medium, covering a wide range of topics related to decentralized finance, blockchain technology, NFTs, and more.

To know more about the Phoenix Egg Hunt, SummerFrolic, and FrolicBlock, visit the official website of the MAD Project.


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