Dressing like a Disney princess for kid’s party might seem like a fun gig to grab some extra cash on the weekend. However, because we can’t have anything pure in this world, one TikTok creator went viral after sharing stories of creepy adults who have crossed boundaries with her while she’s just trying to be professional and do her job.

In the video posted by TikTok creator @crazieegracie — in which she is seemingly coming or going from a princess party dressed as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin — shares a story about a time a parent at a children’s party she was working totally crossed her boundaries. To add major cringe-factor, his wife was also present for the awkward interaction.

“At nearly every party, there’s some adult who doesn’t understand boundaries,” the TikToker begins.

She explained that during the last party she worked, a man approached her to ask for a photo, which gave her odd vibes since he singled her out for the photo and chose not to including anyone else at the party for the photo op.

“Just me, no children, just me,” she said. “Why would he need that?”

She went on to share that this creepy dad is unfortunately not an outlier for her when she dresses up at Wonder Woman. At this particular party, the man — who was actually a grandpa — was called out by his wife.

“His wife says ‘Harold, do you want to include your granddaughter in the picture’?”

He agrees to include the child in the photo, but his advances toward the party princess didn’t let up, according to Gracie. “I could get your number and then I could text that over to you so you can have it,” he offers.

His wife, however, put the kibosh on that real quick. “She has plenty,” his wife interjected before dragging the man away.

After gaining over 600k views and over 75k likes, TikTok users flooded the princess performer’s comment section with empathy and disgust over the adult man’s behavior. One user questioned, “Some adult or some man?”

Gracie replied to the comment with a follow-up video, explaining that it’s not just men who cross boundaries with her while she’s performing at parties.

“The reason why I said some adults and not just some men is because unfortunately men aren’t the only culprits of this,” she explained.

She recalled a time she was hired for a party dressed as Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid and an intoxicated aunt acted inappropriately with her.

“Some adults, I think, get lost and they think of me or other performers as less of a human being and more of a prop and that’s just not really cool,” she theorized.

Gracie also asks parents to never ask her if she “works at Disneyland” while mid-photo session with their child because, y’know, it kind of kills the magic of the day!

“Your kid hears that! I hear it! … She’s probably listening to that going, ‘Why would Belle work at Disneyland?’ Don’t make your kid question why I’m there because then it makes my job ten times harder.”


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