Veteran singer-actress and now vlogger Nadine Lustre went viral on social media after her first YouTube video went live and immediately generated thousands of views a few hours it was posted online. 


Nadine Lustre took a retrospective approach upon releasing her first-eve vlog, aptly tield “My Name is Nadine.”

The 29-year-old Nadine Lustre released a teaser video last January on her official YouTube channel, a month after she announced her YouTube Channel. 

Nadine Lustre’s first video blog or vlog titled “My Name is Nadine” is a nealy 10-minute video where she discussed her childhood and musical influences. 

According to some close friends of Nadine, majority of her vlog she edited herself alongside Chino Villagracia. The first vlog of the actress contains home video clips of the actress-singer in her youth, rarely cutting to the present day as she continued narrating. 

The “Diary ng Panget” star started her vlog that went viral with basic introductions, as she admitted to being a boyish child who loved biking to the sari-sari store and playing with her dad Ulysses or Dong’s Tamiya cars rather than her own dolls. 

Nadine Lustre, the former on-screen partner of James Reid, admitted on her vlog that during her younger days she’d played with her group of friends the usual boys dominated games such as patintero, hide-and-seek, tag, Chinese garter and Dr. Quack Quack. 

The singer-actress turned vlogger also revealed that she stopped playing with her friends becuase she started getting into computer games. 

The actress was quoted as saying “When you’re a kid, you’re just curious about everything,” said the actress, before talking about her vulnerabilities.

Nadine Lustre admitted on her vlog that some of her vulnerabilities includes being scared of ghosts, a prank on her dad on her, and a stuffed caterpillar named Cathy, which she still has to this very day.

Watch the Viral First Vlog of Nadine:

Source: YouTube / PhilStar



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