One of the country’s most beautiful and most popular actress Liza Soberano went viral on social media not because she is already popular but because of her surprising appearance as the newest endorser of Philippine-based company Maya or formerly known as Paymaya. 

Maya is a Philippine based financial services and digital payments company. It was first launched on December 2022 as Smart Money in December 2000.It was launched in cooperation with 1st e-Bank (now BDO Unibank) and Mastercard. It is considered as one of the biggest innovation in finance marketed by Smart Communications. 

The new Maya commercial featuring Liza Soberano went viral because of the advertisement’s theme, one can see some similarities in the theme and Liza’s recent pronouncements on her vlog. 

Liza Soberano has been getting mixed reactions from both her fans and other netizens after posting ver vlog in her Instagram account. 

The viral video presented by Maya titled “Hope Presents Liza” already generated more than 3.6 million views in just two days after it was first released. 

Liza’s video appeared to have become a hot topic on social media, with thousands of netizens commenting their thoughts on it. Some netizens even noted that, it appeared that the said ad seem to carry the same message with the vlog she posted several days ago where she mentioned the things that happened to her in the past 13 years with ABS-CBN, Star Magic, and her manager, Ogie Diaz. 

In the viral Maya commercial, Liza Soberano can be seen wearing a blue dress, suspended on strings, with her mouth being held by a contraption, all of which appeared to be contorlled by someone. 

The scene according to netizens appeared to be similar to what Liza claimed in her vlog that for more than a decade, she’s been been told what to wear, what to say or act, and what to do. 

Some netizens were supporting Liza’s pronouncements, while others saying that she’s ungrateful. 

Watch the Viral Maya Commercial:

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