The decision on whether or not to take the plunge and plan that huge trip to the Disney parks is never taken lightly. Parents need to weight the pros and cons of what is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of vacation for many.

Are your kids the right age? Can you afford it? Will any of it actually be worth it? Does that Disney magic everyone talks about really exist?

One mom on TikTok — @nickiunplugged — will tell you that, yes, the exorbitant, elaborate, and all-together exhausting trip to Disney is totally worth it — as long as parents plan to mentally prepare for worst case scenario and work hard to stay in the present moment.

In her video, Nicki begins by explaining that all the videos you see on social media of parents having the time of their lives with their kids at the Disney parks are true.

“… it’s all flashes of happy moments and I’m here to tell you those moments are there. That’s what’s going to make you come back every time,” she says.

However, those happy memories are typically balanced out by the more realistic sides of parenting. Because kids will be kids and trips will be trips. That’s why this Disney mom recommends that you do as much mental preparation as possible, psyche yourself up for every worst case scenario, and take the hits as they come.

“I also need to tell you before you book the trip, get your s—t together up here,” she says. “Get mentally stable because … you’re going to need to be prepared for when your kids just take you for a ride,” she jokes.

Nicki launches into a story with a lesson that every parent who has ever been on vacation knows all too well — you’re never really on a vacation when you’re with your kids.

“We got to the pool. It opened at 10. We got here at 10 on the dot, got our seats, Mom got all lathered up with her sunscreen, and without hesitation, one kid had to pee — immediately, immediately had to pee,” she says.

“The other one needed is goggles loosened five to seven different times. And now one’s already hungry again and the other one said ‘I’m bored. I wanna go back to the room.’”

Is there anything more rage-worthy than your kid telling you they’re bored while at freaking Disney World?

That’s why Nicki says you have to be firing on all cylinders and in the exact right mental space if you plan to shell out dough for a trip to the “happiest place on earth.”

“So you gotta, you gotta have it together up here before you go,” she says while pointing to her head. “But otherwise, book the trip.”

Several parents chimed in, agreeing with Nicki’s assessment and sharing their own thoughts when it comes to taking kids to Disney.

“There’s no better ride at Disney than the mental ride! 🤪” one parent joked.

“HA! That’s why we waited to take our kids when they were older! Don’t care what ANYONE says Disney is NOT for kids😂😂😂,” another said.

Another Disney park goer wrote, “Yeah I feel like I have to give parents a disclaimer when they ask about it bc it’s like oh 90% of the time is melting down or exhausted the 10% makes it worth it tho 😂”

In a follow-up video, Nicki expresses her gratitude and amazement for being able to take her kids to Disney, saying that her kids “don’t even know this isn’t normal.”

“They’re just like, ‘Cool, yeah, Can you get me another drink, mom? Can you get me Mickey freaking ice cream?’ Sure, I will,” she says.

She then recognized that growing up in a blue collar family, she never dreamed of being able to take her kids to Disney.

“That sh*t’s crazy. All the emotions, the joy of it and also like they don’t know what they have. I wish they knew how good they had it,” she said of her kids being typical kids.

“But I guess to round it all up is, like, I’ve got it pretty good too, right? Let’s enjoy it.”

Words to live by, whether you’re parenting at Disney or at home.


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