Marco Selorio is a Filipino entrepreneur based in Australia and is one of the few individuals who tried to connect the basketball community, street dance community, and Web3 community into a strong group of individuals to fulfill his dreams of connecting Filipino communities around the world.

The Australian-Filipino entrepreneur stands out from the crowd as he initiated the first-ever basketball convention (BCON) scheduled in the Philippines for June 25, 2023, at Paco Arena, Manila featuring one of the most successful coaches from the National Basketball Association, Assistant Coach Phil Handy of the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers.

Marco Selorio graduated with an Economics and Commerce Degree from Australian National University (ANU) and started his first entrepreneurial venture called Hoopdreamz, then formed WSB, Mas Music Group, and lately the Web3 company Coinchella.

Marco Selorio’s Love of Basketball:

Marco Selorio previously organized basketball events through the first company that he founded in Australia, Hoopdreamz, a company coordinating basketball and community events for Filipino-Australians.

The company used to organize a lot of 3×3 competitions, PBA Legends Tour in Australia. Selorio is one of the pioneer promoters of the popular PBA Legends Tours, working with PBA superstars like Alvin Patrimonio, Allan Caidic, Gerry Codiñera, Chito Loyzaga, Samboy Lim, and Jojo Lastimosa to name a few.

The PBA Legends Tour in Australia caught the attention of the Filipino-Australian Basketball Community, and that was the beginning of Marco Selorio’s journey as an event organizer.

Before his stint in organizing basketball events, Selorio used to work as a marketing manager with the Sydney Kings, a champion team of the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia.

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What is WSB and How It Started?

The World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) was founded by Marco Selorio in the year 2002 and right now it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of hip-hop dance scene worldwide. One of the most significant and life-changing events that happened to Selorio’s life was during the time when his brother’s hip-hop crew became popular and it ignited an annual calendar of dance events, becoming a celebration for Filipino families to celebrate and connect with the youth community.

Marco launched his events career in 2002 after his younger brother told him about a group of dancers who performed together and dance to hip-hop music forming a crew and were about to participate in a dance competition in Australia. The event gave an idea to Marco to create a multicultural dance platform that music fans will learn to embrace and appreciate.

Marco Selorio was quoted as saying “Kids loved the music and the family vibe and parents were comfortable being there with their kids,” Marcos said. He also added that “They really enjoy the atmosphere, the families and communities coming together to be entertained by the talent in the community.” Selorio added.

In September 2002, Marco Selorio initiated the GROOVE event which would eventually rename World Supremacy Battlegrounds. This event was the beginning of Selorio’s decades’ of journey in street dance. What really inspired him to pursue street dance was when he was blown away by the community’s reception, with over four hundred people in attendance.

Two decades later, the WSB event has already crossed six continents, featuring dancers from different walks of life and from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Selorio’s movement was able to unearth some incredibly talented dance stars and gave the dance community a beacon of hope.

MAS Presents:

For the past two years of building his first entrepreneurial project, he took his events business, MAS Presents, to the next level by organizing the first World Supremacy Battleground (WSB) dance competition in Sydney, Australia.

The WSB saw masses of Filipinos coming together to support their favorite teams, and this was just the beginning of the global expansion of WSB, allowing the event to reach six continents in the year 2015.

Marco still believes that he has so much more to offer to the youth of the Philippines, believing this is one of the reasons why he has maintained such a strong connection to his country of birth, the Philippines.

The community builder based in Australia made an initial estimate that the World Supremacy Battleground has featured around 73,000 dancers since its inauguration in 2002, featuring Filipino talent and having seen success both in Australia and around the world.

WSB is now considered a global platform providing recognition for the dancers and musicians as he noted that the Filipino community really gets behind the dancers and even stated that they are especially loud for those from their home city and their province, and some of the teams who have won have become TV stars, and they get recognized.

Mas Music Group:

The community builder from Australia is the Filipino behind the MAS Music Group, it is considered the first Australian-Filipino independent record label in the Land Down Under that released the 2019 popular record label, the Blue Label Show.

The company has built a stable list of producers, beatmakers, songwriters, artists, and influencers under Selorio’s management. Mas Music Group is responsible for the success of Australia’s Got Talent grand finalist Geneses Cerezo and dance champion Kookies N Kream, R&B Singer Alysha Erhan, BBOY star Michael Flores, and Wollongong acoustic singer, Blessie Pica.

Before founding the Mas Music Group, Marco Selorio worked with Grammy Award-winning stars All 4 One, Backstreet Boys, Chris Brown, and Rihanna before launching his music platform for aspiring music artists and content creators in the Filipino community.

Founding Coinchella:

Marco Selorio founded Coinchella in May 2022 after he was wondering how he can share all of his new-found Web3 crypto knowledge and connections with his community.

He was able to get connected with some amazing Web3 creators, investors, and developers who offered to collaborate and share his vision. In the dance community, WSB NFTs will allow his community to offer membership utility, education, exclusivity, and opportunities.

This could take some time to show these dance creators how to navigate the Web3 space but Selorio is optimistic about his project and the good thing is the fact that his community is committed to pursuing his dreams of connecting the dance community to Web3.

Coinchella and World Supremacy Battleground (WSB) in cooperation with Adelaide 36ers was responsible for the first-ever One Night Only event with rising NBL star Kai Sotto last December December 4, 2022, at the Netball Central Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney Australia featuring NBA prospect Kai Sotto.

Marco Selorio’s Family and Personal Life:

Marco Selorio’s family already migrated to the Land Down Under, Australia, and to the United States of America, Marco stated that he is really proud to be a Filipino, even though Australia is already his home right now.

As of posting time, there’s not so much information about Marco Selorio on his personal life but we will keep on searching the internet for information relevant to Marco Selorio. This post will be updated as soon as we can get more information about one of the most prominent Filipino achievers not only within the basketball community but also within the dance, and Web3 community.

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