Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor was in town Thursday morning, and he’s looking for ways to help small businesses stay afloat.

PA Lt. Governor Austin Davis took a tour of downtown Erie and parts of Millcreek Township to speak with small business owners.

He laid out Governor Shapiro’s “Common Sense Budget” that will help grow businesses here in PA and revitalize main streets.

He said their budget proposal invested $8.6 million dollars into the Keystone Communities Program.

“We need to make sure that not only are we attracting new business, but we are her to hep and make it easier for folks who want to start their business, we heard from business owners today about the challenges that they face and. We believe the state can be a partner in helping provide capital and financial support small business that want to grow and thrive in Pennsylvania,” said Austin Davis, PA Lt. Governor.

He added that small businesses are the lifeline of our economy in PA.

“And if small businesses are struggling, growth is going to struggle here in the Commonwealth and we need to make sure that those businesses are thriving here in PA,” Davis went on to say.

Democratic state representative Ryan Bizzarro and republican state senator Dan Laughlin were also there to support the bi-partisan effort.

“But we are talking about things that go beyond bipartisanship right now. We are talking about economic development and community revitalization, these are important to communities across Pennsylvania,” said Ryan Bizzarro, (D), state representative.

“It’s nice to have the lieutenant governor come to my district and walk around, look at some of the issues we have in Erie and Erie County and, like he said, economic development is not a partisan issue,” said Dan Laughlin, (R), PA state senator.

One small business owner we talked to said despite the financial help, it’s still tough just getting by.

“It’s very critical for me to be here as a small business. I think people get really excited about the idea of entrepreneurship without realizing the work, and the sweat, and the commitment that is poured into it. To not have the support that I need, I find myself running on fumes,” said Krystal Robinson, owner of Taste & See Fruit & Veggie Bar.


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