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Innovative start-ups are today’s engines of economic growth. Working behind the scenes to counter inflation and speed up South Korea’s momentum in economic development, KB Investment – one of the country’s leading private equity firms – is finding new ways to excel as South Korea’s most reputable and dependable venture capitalist and investment company.

Having backed more than 900 companies over the past 33 years, KB Investment now manages US$1.8 billion in assets. The frontier subsidiary of KB Financial Group has made a name for itself in South Korea as the most active investor of non-Korean start-ups, and has partnered and continues to partner with companies in the United States, India and Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Steering KB Investment’s success is parent KB Financial Group, helmed by chairman and CEO Yoon Jong-kyoo, who has led the group’s global business and expansion with a vision to solidify its position as one of Asia’s exemplary financial firms. To overcome the limitations of South Korea’s financial market size, Yoon has been propelling the group to capture overseas markets and expand the business by acquiring financial institutions in Southeast Asia such as Bank Bukopin, PRASAC Microfinance, and others.

As KB Investment maintains a sectarian agnostic and stage agnostic viewpoint in its investment strategies, the firm aims to partner with reliable starters even from the initial stages of their progress across multiple sectors, such as biotechnology, healthcare, hardware, e-commerce and more.

“The key to our success is being comprehensive when it comes to financial coverage,” said Kim Jong-pil, CEO of KB Investment. “We cover all sectors and can, therefore, sense what’s going on in each vertical. From data accumulated over 40 to 50 years of history, our group is concerned with innovations beyond current operations. Our partners acknowledge our excellent management track record, along with our ability to invest and innovate well within our group.”


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