S’mores season is almost upon us, and Jet-Puffed just introduced a new product that’s sure to entertain your little sugar monsters all summer long. The company that previously brought us pumpkin spice and peppermint-flavored marshmallows is kicking things up a notch with color-changing marshmallows. What witchcraft is this, you ask? The company hasn’t revealed the science behind the color switcharoo, but it only takes 10 seconds of exposure to heat for the marshmallows to change shades.

We’re not talking about a subtle change, either. The marshmallows come in two colors: blue, which turns to green, and pink, which turns to orange.

Imagine the cool mom points you’ll earn when you come home with a bag of these the next time your family decides to make it a s’mores night. If you have little kids, you can even work a little magic by not telling them the marshmallows change colors and then watch as their faces light up when the fire starts working its magic. (Just maybe avoid this trick if your child’s favorite color is blue or pink — that could lead to a toddler meltdown).

The color-changing marshmallows retail for $2.99, and will be available at grocery stores nationwide. There is a catch, though: These magical confections are only here for a limited time. Just like summer holidays and the urge to wear white pants, these goodies will disappear after September.

What else can you make with color-changing marshmallows besides s’mores?


Not a s’mores person? While Jet-Puffed is rolling out the color-changing marshmallows right around the time people are firing up their fire pits and planning camping trips, there are plenty of other things you can do with these treats.

If your children are obsessed with marshmallows, try popping the treats in the microwave for 10 seconds and watch the colors change up close. You could also mix them into a batch of Rice Krispies Treats — or add them to any recipe that calls for marshmallows. No matter what you decide to do with these pillowy snacks, they’re bound to add a little bit of wonder to your child’s summer.

Other Ways to Up Your S’mores Game

Don’t let your s’mores game be basic this summer. Once you’ve tested out Jet-Puffed’s color-changing marshmallows, challenge your family to come up with the next exciting creation for s’mores night. Need a little inspiration beyond the standard graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow recipe? Try making one of these swaps to achieve s’mores perfection:

  • Switch up the cookie. Graham crackers aren’t the only game in town. Try shortbread, Oreos, or fudge-stripped cookies for a fun alternative.
  • Add in an unexpected ingredient. Cookie butter, shredded coconut, and bacon (yes, bacon!) are just a few of the ingredients you can use to mix up your s’mores recipe. Even fresh fruit like strawberries can elevate standard s’mores if you’re brave enough to try it.
  • Try a different candy bar. Standard Hershey’s bars are great, but all chocolate melts. If your kids love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, or Kit Kats, then slap them on there. The end result might be a tad messier, but it’s sure to be delicious, too.

If Jet-Puffed’s latest invention has taught us anything, it’s that playing mad scientist with your s’mores makes this summertime favorite all the more fun.


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