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I want a divorce but I’m pregnant.

Confessional #49503948

Can we please all stop being sick all the time

Confessional #49283726

My kid falls asleep at night watching a show on the iPad.

Confessional #47263839

I am so sick of getting sick. My toddler and I have been sick every month since Nov

Confessional #48273928

I can’t remember the last time I had sex with my husband. It’s been months…

Confessional #45583401

My pre-teen is getting on my damn nerves.

Confessional #42837465

I’m cutting off my toddlers tablet tomorrow. It’s more my crutch than his now.

Confessional #47283910

I don’t want my son to turn out like his dad

Confessional #49281726

I feel guilty for spending money on myself

Confessional #49118293

I think my husband is having an affair. He has a second phone. Don’t know how to prove it. 😭 

Confessional #45230912

I went to a playgroup today and hated it. Other mums. Bleh.

Confessional #45829238

I might be pregnant with an unplanned but very much wanted baby. I am terrified.

Confessional #45593849

Learning to rephrase asking my husband for ‘help. It’s equal responsibility- NOT help

Confessional #42392810

dealing w/ the mental effects of a miscarriage, hubby is ready to get intimate again but not me

I’m tired of having to be the mom for everyone in my family. Even more so the adults

Confessional #45593934

My “children” are over 40yrs old & the worry NEVER STOPS

Confessional #44230192

Hubs has an AR, I’m anti-assault weapons. Feel like I can’t speak against guns.

Confessional #47129882


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