TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Overseas foreign workers from the Philippines often need to pay high brokerage fees when traveling to Taiwan for work. I-Mei Foods is working to change this policy through direct hiring of qualified workers.

Leading Taiwanese food producer, I-Mei Foods, held its first direct employment recruitment fair in Pampanga, Central Luzon, Philippines on Tuesday (April 25). Many said they were happy to attend the event and potentially return to Taiwan as part of the I-Mei family once again.

The venue for the recruitment fair was the City of San Fernando, the capital of the province. Applicants queued in long lines eager to participate in interviews early in the morning of the 25th.

Pampanga Governor Dennis “Delta” Garcia Pineda was on hand to assist municipal authorities deployed to provide assistance for the employment fair.

The Philippines Department of Migrant Workers also sent staff from Manila to assist in the event. The scene was quite orderly and calm, and the interview process proceeded quite smoothly.

I-Mei Foods continues recruitment in Philippines

Qualified applicants patiently provide personal information at I-Mei Foods recruitment fair. (Taiwan News photo)

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines Labor Center Director Cesar Chavez Jr. and Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Director of the Labor Center of the, and Philippines Bureau of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Jerlinda Cruz appeared via video conveying their commitment to labor rights and the environment.

The video also included Filipino employees who once worked in I-Mei’s Taoyuan factory sharing their stories about starting a family and sending money to help their families back home. Also, senior mid-level technical employees shared the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Taiwan after the professional training they gained from I-Mei.

Many former I-Mei employees also turned out for the recruitment fair, some taking the opportunity to talk with future employees. Mardin Pagulayan, a 48-year-old former I-Mei staff member drove 12 hours to apply for a job. He has 12 years of work experience in Taiwan, noting that work conditions at I-Mei are better than other employers.

Pagulayan said his work at I-Mei allowed him to provide for his five children to go to college to study in fields such as engineering and medical technology. He added that three of his children have already completed their studies.

45-year-old Isagani Palma also has 12 years of working experience in Taiwan. She used to work in a plastics factory and often had to endure high temperatures, which made her work very difficult. In comparison, she felt the working environment at I-Mei is quite friendly and supportive.

After working for I-Mei for 9 years and deciding to return to the Philippines in 2019, she decided to apply for yet another assignment.

Another young couple attended the recruitment fair. The two met through employment at I-Mei and, after getting married in Taiwan, they had two sons. Today, the couple came to the interview with their youngest son. The couple says they are grateful to I-Mei for the chance to work and hope that they can soon return to the company’s employment. I-Mei Foods continues recruitment in Philippines

Many former staff are eager to rejoin the I-Mei Foods family in Taiwan. (Taiwan News photo)

South Korea has a 45-year-old age limit for foreign overseas workers. I-Mei’s Human Resources Manager, Wu Xuezhi (吳雪枝), said that older workers are not disqualified as some have senior technical experience which is hard to teach. Therefore, senior employees can apply for mid-level technical workforce positions, and in the future, also apply for permanent residency.

Wu said many applicants responded enthusiastically this year, and the interview team carefully reviewed all applicants. I-Mei also looked forward to future cooperation with more local governments in the future to help carry out the important work of recruiting foreign workers.

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