Who is Hope Marie Uy, one of the most promising Boholana developer and real estate venture capitalist who now owns the P25-Billion Panglao Resort Development. She is considered as one of the youngest business owners not only in Bohol but also in the entire Visayas Region. 


The 34-year-old native from Bohol whose dreams of building her own hotel is about to come true in a really big way. 

Hope Marie Uy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Panglao Shores who considered the Province of Bohol to be her home. Uy and her siblings are raised in this beautiful destination. 

The family of Uy lived the island lifestyle since they were kids and she stated that her family are rooted in Bohol, this is the reason why they wish to develop and preserve its riches for future generations. 

The Uy family of Bohol is behind the 50-year-old Alturas Group of Companies (AGC), which is engaged in retail and several other businesses such as malls and supermarkets all over Bohol. 

The family business also operated a rice mill, piggery, poultry and aquaculture business and most of all, the Alturas Group is the company behind the widely popular pasalubong cookie brand Peanut Kisses of Bohol. 

According to the company’s disclosure, Panglao Shores now headed by Hope, is the first mixed-use community development venture of AGC. 

The company’s timeline revealed that within a ten-year period there will be six hotels and resorts, 37,000 sqm. of retail an commercial space, over 1,000 residential units, and an international medical facility will rise on a 57-hectare property in Bohol. 


In an interview with the media, Hope Marie Uy was quoted as saying “Sustainability and social responsibility will be seamlessly woven into the fabric of the low-density mixed-use estate project.”

In order for the company to prove that they are indeed serious with their vision, Panglao Shores tapped six leading architects, interior designers, and green development specialists to lend their unique expertise to Panglao Shores. 

Some of the prominent names in the industry includes Patricia Ho Douven (White Jacket); Princeton University-trained architect Patrick Keane (Enter Projects); resort masterplanning expert Chris Singer (SCSY Studio); multi-disciplinary design consultant Phillip Pond (Atelier Pond); sustainability specialist John Farrell (XCO2 Energy); landscape construction, resort design connoisseur Drew Anderson (TOPO Design Studio); and hospitality, tourism and real estate advisor Bill Barnett (C9 Hotelworks).

Based upon the project’s timeline, Phase 1 involves the construction of 188-room South Palms Resort, is currently ongoing and is scheduled for completion in 2024. Dubbed as an “eco-sensitive resort,” the five-star destination, says Uy, will “introduce the unique culture and community spirit of Bohol to visitors from all around the world.”

The highly anticipated project will be nestled in a 6.4-hectare beachfront lot on the south coast of Panglao, South Palms Resort / MGallery will also have four restaurants, a swimming pool with a bar, a fitness center, spa, a meeting space, a ballroom, and a club for children. 

According to Hope Marie Uy, who assumed the post as the CEO ten years ago, when she was just 24 years old, she considered tourism and real estate advisor Bill Barnett, sales and marketing director Fe Ginete, and her father Marlito Uy as her mentors in the industry where she belong right now.

Since the family business of the Uy family acquired the Panglao beachfront property during her colelge years, she already saw her work experiences as preparation to embark on AGC’s flagship leisure development project.

Hope Marie Uy is now managing an ambitious undertaking with 400 employees under her watch but she always stated that she treated all her employees as equals, because she listen to them and learn from them. 



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