• The Growth Summit 2023 is taking place on 2-3 May at the World Economic Forum’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The Summit brings together leaders from business, government, civil society, and academia to shape a new future of work that is inclusive, sustainable, and equitable.
  • Key insights such as ‘The Future of Jobs’ report will map the jobs and skills of the future, tracking disruptions and the pace of change.

The World Economic Forum Growth Summit 2023, taking place 2-3 May in Geneva, comes at a time of economic uncertainty, as global transformations disrupt industries, labour markets and livelihoods.

Global growth is forecast to slow in 2023, and almost 1.1 billion jobs are likely to be disrupted in the coming decade.

“We are facing a critical moment for the global economy, as the past year has accelerated trends of rising inequality, sharpening polarization, and both threats and opportunities from technology to jobs,” says Saadia Zahidi, Managing Director, World Economic Forum.

“The Growth Summit will bring together leaders to shape a new vision for inclusive growth and advance initiatives to empower people with future-ready knowledge and skills. We must shape a recovery and a future economy that works for all.”

The outcomes of the Summit will shape new frameworks, provide innovative solutions and accelerate action towards ensuring ‘jobs and opportunity for all‘.

What is the theme?

The multistakeholder meeting brings together business, government, civil society and academic leaders to address three core themes:

  • Enabling resilient growth:

Advancing inclusive and sustainable economic growth through trade, investment, productivity, manufacturing, global development, and equitable globalization.

  • Developing human capital:

Investing in education, skills and health to support job creation, living wages, job transitions, and an equitable future of work.

  • Accelerating economic equity:

Enabling an equitable green transition and advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and racial and social justice so everyone has equal access to opportunities and benefits.

Against the backdrop of rapidly advancing technology, restructured value chains, and the green transition, these interconnected themes emphasize the need to advance future opportunities and tackle current challenges through collaboration, foresight and innovation.

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with over 100 sessions, from ‘Harnessing the Generative AI Revolution‘ and ‘Accelerating Refugee Employment‘ to ‘Breaking the Gender Health Gap‘ and exploring ‘What Next for Growth?‘.

What else is happening?

Alongside the sessions, the Forum will launch strategic insights with two key reports:

The Future of Jobs Report 2023

The Future of Jobs report, launching on 1 May, maps the jobs and skills of the future, tracking the pace of change. It aims to shed light on current disruptions, contextualized within the history of economic cycles and 2023’s macro trends, revealing the expected outlook for technology adoption, jobs and skills in the next five years.

The latest edition of the Chief Economists Outlook, to be launched on 2 May, will explore the key trends in the economic environment, including the likelihood of recession, prospects for growth, inflation, financial contagion and supply chains. It will also look at monetary and fiscal policy as well as the challenges facing businesses and their likely responses in the months ahead.

Other launches to look out for include the Putting Skills First: Creating Access to Opportunity for All report, the Initiative on Cybersecurity Skills, the Workplace Mental Health Initiative and The Industrial Metaverse report.


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