LONDON, UK – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis met with Member of Parliament (MP) Kemi Badenoch, who is currently serving as the Secretary of State for Business and Trade and as the President of the Board of Trade in the United Kingdom. The Governor met with MP Badenoch to discuss the business and trade relationship between Florida and the United Kingdom. The Governor was joined by Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd and Florida Secretary of Commerce Laura DiBella. The United Kingdom is one of Florida’s most significant economic partners and is the top foreign investor in the state while Florida ranks as the among the top American states for British businesses and tourists.


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“MP Badenoch has been an outspoken leader for the people of the United Kingdom, and we share the top priority of spurring economic growth for the people that elected us,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “I was glad to meet with such a dynamic leader and discuss the trade relationship between the United Kingdom and Florida.”


“It was fantastic to meet with Governor DeSantis to talk about the importance of the UK’s trading relationship with Florida and discuss the avenues for strengthening those ties further,” said Hon. Kemi Badenoch, MP, Business and Trade Secretary. “The Governor has been a superb champion for his state of Florida and it was great to discuss how we can ensure businesses in the UK and Florida are given the maximum opportunity to grow and succeed.”


Florida and the United Kingdom’s Economic Relationship


The United Kingdom (UK) is one of Florida’s most significant economic partners and Florida ranks among the top American state for British Businesses and tourists. British companies account for more than 70,000 jobs in Florida, making the UK the top foreign investor in Florida. Each year, Florida companies supply a wide range of products to the UK including aviation and aerospace products.


British affiliates are estimated to have had total holdings of more than $18 billion in Florida with more than 350 companies that employ 67,000 people. The UK is Florida’s 8th largest trade partner with bilateral trade reaching $5.8 billion in 2022, with bilateral trade growing by 119% over the last five years.


Florida also has a strong tourism relationship with the UK. In 2022, more than 1.1 million people visited Florida from the UK. The UK consistently ranks as the 2nd largest group of international visitors to Florida on an annual basis. There are more than 79,000 British born residents in Florida.




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