I timed everything perfectly last night. I got home from Costco just minutes before the Love Is Blind Season 4 Live Reunion was going to start, put away my groceries, and settled down in front of my television with my $1.50 hot dog and Diet Pepsi and not a single care in the world except slight worry that Brett and Tiffany would somehow not still be together. Sunday evening was going to rule.

And then… nothing. A screen that said “It’s almost time, the live event will start soon” morphed into a screen that said there would be a delay. And then that screen stayed on for over an hour. The hot dog got cold and then I ate the cold hot dog. Still nothing. It was worse than being left at the altar, I’m absolutely sure of it.

The only saving grace? The internet. While I couldn’t watch Micah confront Paul or Paul confront Irina or Chelsea confront Micah or Micah confront Kwame, I could get more than a few good laughs on Twitter, where all the other super fans were cracking jokes and making the best out of a bad situation.

Some of the best jokes, of course, were references to the show and Season 4.

“Me because the love is blind live reunion isn’t working,” tweeted one genius, sharing a meme of Brett giving his already-famous lecture about pants tailoring. “This should be a day of no surprises. This should be a day of planning,” it reads.

Another person posted Zack singing his love song in the pods — one of the most cringe moments of the season.

“How long have you been waiting for the reunion to start,” they ask, as Zack croons, “Forever and ever and ever…”

And of course a few people posted the infamous picture of Tiffany snoozing in the pods as Brett spilled his heart out to her.

One single person, a reality television enthusiast in Canada called only “T”, went on a joke-writing marathon that entertained the world for much of the hour.

God bless T.

A few brands even got in on the fun, and a few were quite cheeky.

And a few famous people stopped their busy lives not only to try and watch the reunion, but to makes jokes when it didn’t happen.

Political powerhouse Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stopped everything to make one of the best jokes of the night: “Someone call Lucia the seamstress to fix this,” she wrote. “I believe in her.”

“Would love to read the oral history of this evening inside Netflix,” wrote Chris Hayes.

And just because they’re fun, here are a few more.

But don’t worry: Netflix is sorry. And they will be re-posting the reunion Monday, April 17, at 12 PM PT, finally. Here’s to hoping no one got divorced in the meantime.


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