Sarah Armson, who has already spent 17 years in the fire door industry, joins Doorcerts Manufacturing UK with a mission to raise awareness of the firm and grow it year on year.

She said: “It’s exciting, and a challenge, to start at the beginning. The company only began life two years ago and you can already see that it has strong foundations.

“I can see the potential it has and I have seen the very real passion and drive that the founders have for the business.”

Sarah Armson is welcomed to Doorcerts by co-founder Kieran Percival.Sarah Armson is welcomed to Doorcerts by co-founder Kieran Percival.
Sarah Armson is welcomed to Doorcerts by co-founder Kieran Percival.

Sarah’s first task will be to streamline administration and order processes, and prepare the business for anticipated growth.

She will also create and implement recruitment strategies, with the aim of recruiting at least 10 new people within the next 12 months.

Sarah also has the task of raising the awareness of the company among its target customers, such as fire door manufacturers and companies that maintain fire doors.

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Kieran Percival, who founded the company along with Ian Maciejewski, said: “We’re delighted to have Sarah on board. We were impressed with her outstanding attention to detail, her organisation, and her experience in analysing financials and sales figures.

“We are confident that with Sarah, Doorcerts will fulfill the potential that it clearly has.”

Kieran and Ian also founded Fire Door Specialists and FD Supplies. All three businesses are currently located at dedicated premises on Brierley Park Close, Stanton Hill, where there are offices and manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.


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