30 Best Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby


Easter is coming right up, so it’s time to get cracking (egg pun intended) if you’re thinking about doing Baby’s First Easter Basket.

Baby’s First Easter Basket Ideas:

I’ve tried to pick things that are relatively inexpensive, small, useful, and have an Easter vibe but can often be used long past the season.

baby wearing easter Bandana Drool Bib

I love this Holiday set from Copper Pearl because it has 4 bibs that cover different holidays – XOs for Valentine’s Day, green clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, a fall plaid for Thanksgiving and a bunny with carrots for Easter and spring. I like that they are seasonal without being too on the nose so it doesn’t feel weird like when you are using a “My First Christmas” bib in July. I know it doesn’t matter but, you know, the little things. You can find the set on Amazon.

organic cotton and crocheted bunny rattle

This sweet bunny is made from organic cotton and crocheted by hand. It’s a nice size and is AMAZING to chew on if you’re teething. You can find it on the Green Sprouts website. Also, check out their sun hats, feeding gear and swim section – all their stuff is really good.

baby wearing a bunny hooded towel set

Loulou Lollipop makes these ultra-absorbent and buttery-soft terry cloth backing hooded towels. They are generously sized and can be used for bathtime or even the pool or beach. You can find the towel and the whole Bunnies! line on the Loulou Lollipop site.

ezpz tiny cup and tiny spoons

ezpz developed a whole line of high quality, food-grade silicone feeding products with help of a Pediatric Feeding Specialist. The Tiny Spoons have sensory bumps on the spoon bowl that activate sensory awareness to decrease gagging and choking. The Tiny Cup can be used from 4+ months and has a weighted base and tactile bumps that provide topple resistance. If you’re shopping for an older child, check out the Mini Cup + Straw. (Beware, it often sells out so if you see the color you want, snap it up.) You can find them all on the ezpz site.

Babyganics SPF 50 Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Celebrate the sunny spring with this mineral sunscreen that is made with all mineral actives: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and without parabens, phthalates, PABA, fragrance, or nanoparticles. You can find it on Amazon.

Easter board books

Easter Board Books

Some of these are specific to Easter and some just have bunnies and ducks, but ALL of them are good.

  1. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?: A Lift-the-Flap Book
  2. Ollie’s Easter Eggs
  3. Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!
  4. That’s Not My Bunny
  5. Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)
  6. Baby Touch and Feel: Animals
  7. I Am a Bunny (anyone who knows me is impressed with my restraint listing this as #7 because it’s my favorite book.)
  8. Guess How Much I Love You
  9. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter
Easter Pajamas

You can never have too many adorable sleepers and bunnies, ducks, and eggs are kinda universal so they can wear them past the Easter season. Hanna Andersson makes gorgeous ones but also check out Carter’s and Old Navy for some equally cute styles.

haba musical shaker eggs made from wood. Five different colors.

Each of these wooden eggs makes a different sound and are perfectly sized for little hands. Four eggs shake (2 rattle, 1 chirps, 1 jingles) and the light blue egg twists to make a clicking noise. They are made of beech wood from sustainable forestry in Germany using 100% non-toxic stains. You can find them on the HABA site, and are perfectly sized for little hands.

Baby Bellies Organic Puffs Baby Snacks

Okay, so it’s no chocolate egg, but these yummy organic soft puffed corn snacks are sprinkled with apple and cinnamon and melt easily in the mouth to encourage safe self-feeding. They are suitable for babies seven months and older. You can find them and other varieties on Amazon.

hip hop easter onesie for a baby

Here’s a hopping graphic onesie idea for baby from Etsy. There are a handful of designs from different sellers that will speak to just about anyone’s inner ’90s hip hop fiend. You can check them all out on Etsy.

Organic Cotton Muslin Bunny Lovie

This adorable Organic Cotton Muslin Bunny Lovie is so sweet. It comes wrapped to fit perfectly in an Easter basket too! You can find it on Carter’s website.

tubby todd all over ointment

This stuff is amazing and the green label gives it a spring vibe. You can shop it on their website and you can also read the Chicken Pick Review here.

Stuffed yellow baby Chick

How sweet is this little puff?! I found this one on Amazon.

Hatching Duck Bath Toy When the egg is filled with water, the little duck slowly pops up.

When the egg is filled with water, the little duck slowly pops up. Water squirts out of its mouth when you push it back in. Pick the egg up and water sprinkles out of the bottom. You can it here on Amazon.

personalized clothing labels for a baby's first easter

Great for sippy cups, jackets, shoes and anything else that tends to walk away. They are printed on a sheet so they’d sit nicely in an Easter basket. Minted makes beautiful ones.

bunny pacifier holder

This sweet bunny has a velcro hand to hold a favorite pacifier or teether. You could even pair it with the carrot teether below! You can pick it up on Amazon.

Note: skip sleeping with this bunny when it comes to young babies who don’t roll.

baby carrot teether

New chompers will love this sweet little carrot teether. I found this one on Amazon.

bunny swaddles from aden + anais

I decided to go with a light spring theme with these delicate bunny swaddles from aden + anais that I found on Amazon. Another option is to go with a solid color to bring out the colors in the other gifts. Copper Pearl makes gorgeous solid swaddles along with patterns so check them out too.

Portable Sound Machine

Okay, so this sound machine isn’t exactly an egg, but I thought it had an Easter vibe. The little speaker has 4 relaxing sound options – Heartbeat, White Noise, Ocean, or Lullaby – and easily fits in diaper bags and luggage. You can find it on Amazon.

hide and squeak egg puzzle

This timeless toy contains six eggs that crack open to reveal colored chicks that chirp gently when their heads are pressed down. Each little egg has a shape on the bottom that fits into its unique base in the egg box. You can find them on Amazon.

personalized board book for easter

Little readers will enjoy following the Snuggle Bunny putting away toys, brushing teeth, and sharing lots of snuggles before settling down to close their eyes. I found this one at Pottery Barn Kids.

baby with Binky Clip

Copper Pearl makes these adorable Binky Clips in sets of three. They feature a premium knit strap lined with absorbent fleece to help soak up drool and attach to a baby’s pacifier or teether at one end, then fasten the clip to clothing, blankets or baby gear on the other. The set here is called Leilani on the Copper Pearl site, but Amazon also carries other patterns.

bunny shoes

Style your little Easter Egg in some fresh bunny shoes. There are tons of beautiful ones on the Etsy site.

Personalized Jellycat

Who doesn’t love a personalized bunny?! These Jellycats are timeless and are a sweet keepsake for a baby’s first Easter. You can find these in the Embelish Monograms shop, but Etsy has various options if you’re looking for a specific style or color.

knitted bunny hat

What’s an Easter photo without them? We found these from Marys Knits on Etsy.

Cuddle + Kind Bunny

Not only will this bunny bounce a little happiness into your baby’s world, but purchasing any doll from Cuddle + Kind means 10 meals are provided to children in North America and around the world. You can check out all the cuteness on their site.

personalized easter baskets peter rabbit theme

I love these because they aren’t too ‘babyish’ so they can use them for many years to come. Pottery Barn has a beautiful assortment of designs and sizes. You can shop them all here on Pottery Barn Kids.

There are tons of fun ideas for a baby’s Easter basket

Just because they aren’t old enough to rock the jelly beans doesn’t mean they can’t have some amazing treats and they’ll definitely know the most important thing this holiday week – Somebunny loves them. Now excuse me while I finish this bulk bag of mini-eggs and pin all things Peter Rabbit.

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What Emotions Look Like Picture Book


I published a book called Little Faces Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like with Little Feminist Book Club, and it’s here!

About a year ago, I was chatting with my friend Brittany who owns Little Feminist Book Club. (It was right after they won the American Library Association medal for their We Are Little Feminists: Families –the first board book to win the award.)

She asked me if there were any books I thought were missing from the publishing world and the one that came to mind was a book about emotions.

The book inspiration

My kids LOVED a reference book we got out of the library that had a variety of adults with various facial expressions. (I think it was used primarily as a tool for therapists working with kids on the autism spectrum.) On a white background, each page showed an adult in various stages of mad, happy, sad, etc. It was very large, showed adults instead of kids, and everything was shot in a studio, so the photos had no context.

I tried to find a more kid-friendly version but with no luck.

How I became the author

I told Brittany, “It would be great if you could publish a book about emotions but with each emotion showing a variety of faces and situations to kids could understand the context better.” She thought that was a great idea.

I felt very smug about my contribution to the literary world until she asked me to write it. Wait? What!? Er, okay.

It took me months of research and handwringing to create this sweet, seemingly simple book, but I’m so proud of how it turned out.

little faces big feelings amy morrison

The book breakdown

Here is everything that went into the book and why I think Little Faces Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like is pretty special.

More than one example

My biggest complaint about ’emotion’ books is that they only show one example, often with an illustration – “the bunny is angry”. I wanted to show real kids of various ages, genders, races, and scenarios expressing the spectrum of that emotion. Mad can be explosive, but it can also be seething, and it’s important for kids to see what that might look like.

little faces big feelings happy spread

Context for kids

Most of the images focus on the emotion so kids can get a clear example of how it could look. In a few photos, I wanted to show context for the feeling so kids could think about the reason for each emotion. The dentist can be scary. Falling off your bike can be frustrating. Hanging out with your family can make you feel happy.

little faces big feelings sad spread

Busting stereotypes

In showing a large variety of backgrounds, genders and ages, I wanted to be mindful of what is being communicated. It’s important for kids to see older boys and men being comforting. Or an older child sleeping with a stuffed animal. Or showing that being brave doesn’t mean doing something perfectly. I also spent an embarrassing amount of time researching the first names used in the book so they reflect different cultures and genders.

little faces big feelings brave spread

Keeping neurodiversity in mind

I wanted to include the challenges that some neurodiverse kids face. Trying a pancake, petting a cat, or recognizing when someone is bored might not feel like a significant milestone for some people. If you have sensory issues or anxiety or want to tell everyone about the inner workings of a steam engine, these things might be relevant. It also instills empathy in other kids when they see that everyone’s comfort zone is different.

little faces big feelings emotion wheel and mirror

Emotion Wheel and Mirror

The back of the book has an illustrated emotion wheel to give kids a visual tool to label their feelings and see how emotions relate. The mirror serves as a fun interactive piece so they can see what their feelings look like. I wanted there to be places where kids could reflect both inward and outward.

Picture book format

We decided to make this book a durable picture book rather than a board book. Kids often decide that board books are for babies and I wanted this book to have a long shelf life (literally and figuratively). The pages are still heavier than a typical hardcover book so it will stand up to heavy use, and the corners are rounded to minimize eye pokes.

little faces big feelings hardcover picture book

If I had to sum up Little Faces Big Feelings

I wanted to create a book with over 100 photos showing kids who are happy, sad, mad, surprised, scared, brave, bored, silly, and tired to help kids recognize emotions in themselves and others.

Each emotion is reflected on ten faces to show how it varies and the context for why someone might feel that way – like welcoming a new sibling, breaking a toy, or getting ready to sleep. This includes scenarios that kept neurodiverse kids in mind.

Did I cover everything? Nope. Did I get some things wrong? I’m sure I did.

The goal was not to create the perfect book of faces and emotions but to give kids and caregivers a tool to open up conversations about how we feel, how others feel, and how we react to them.

I hope you think it’s as special as I do.

Where can you get it?

It’s available for preorder and will ship in mid-March. You can grab a copy from the Little Feminist Book Club website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or wherever quality books are sold.

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Cool and New Pregnancy & Baby Products in 2023


It’s that time of year again when I round up some of the exciting new products that are coming out (or have come out) in the pregnancy and baby space. After running this site for over a decade you’d think it would be hard to catch my eye, but these products made me stop and say, “oh, now that’s interesting.” I’ll keep updating and adding to the list throughout the year, so check back in every so often!

baby with frozen milk on ezpz Tiny Pops

This is a popsicle mold specifically made for infants. Tiny Pops are portion-sized at ½ oz and have a short, fat, round handle for a baby’s grasp and sensory bumps for oral awareness. Simply freeze breast milk, formula, or a smoothie so babies four months old and up can have a cold, teething treat. A set is $19 and you can find them on the ezpz site.

Bēbee Lightweight Stroller folded and unfolded

The fabric on this light stroller is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles and it has a lightning fast one-handed fold. It reminds me a little bit of the Inglesina Quid but at $199, the Bēbee is $100 cheaper than the compact Quid. This eco-conscious stroller company’s mission is no single-use plastics, no excess waste & scrap, no packing peanuts & straight forward shipping – from them to you. I like where they are rollin’.  Check it out on the Bombi site.

parent holding baby on the Contours Glow change pad

Motion-activated soft glow lights automatically illuminate the diaper area when baby is placed on the pad so you don’t have to turn on the lights at night (or wear a miner’s headlamp). I would be interested to know how sensitive it is. Would a small baby weigh enough to light it up? Would I accidentally create a strobe light performance if I set my phone down on it when I checked on a sleeping infant before I went to bed? I’ll let you know when I see this one in person, but I thought it looked interesting. It sells for around $120 and you can find out more about it on the Contours site.

Skip Hop Bladeless Stroller Fan

Many stroller fans have softer fan blades but that still doesn’t stop the gummy death grip of a curious toddler. This stroller fan has no blades yet still provides a surprising breeze for up to six hours. It’s rechargeable, has three speeds, and can connect to most strollers with a universal hub. It’s around $20 and you can find it on the Skip Hop site and on Amazon.

mom shopping with child in a Larktale sprout wagon stroller

The sprout is a compact single-seater wagon that expands into a double-sized wagon in seconds – no tools or extra conversion kits needed. It has a nice, comfy ride, a great fold, and tons of room to stash extra stuff. I LOVE that it can accommodate an infant car seat, so you can haul and newborn and a squirrely toddler around in it too. It will retail for $699 and will be available March 1, 2023. You can head to the Larktale site to learn more or pre-order.

Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Pump

Hands free breast pumps have been on the market for a while now, but Medela is a heavy hitter in the pump world so I took notice when they launched this new hands-free breast pump. It has ultra-lightweight wearable cups with a separate pocket-sized pump. With Willow and Elvie the cups are the pumps whereas this has a separate mini pump, so this is more like a Freemie. It’s on the market now and sells for $350. (Aeroflow carries the Freestyle if you want to get your insurance to cover some of the cost.)

woman loading PIPA urbn carseat into a taxi

Nuna has come out with an infant car seat with the base built into it so it can be installed (or uninstalled) in seconds. This is a big deal for anyone who uses a lot of Ubers or Lyfts or needs to switch vehicles a lot because you don’t won’t have to use a separate base or a lap belt to secure the seat. It is shockingly light at 7 pounds. It can be purchased with one of three Nuna stroller bases (MIXX, TRIV or TRVL) and these car seat stroller ‘sets’ will retail for $900 – $1,200. You can find out more about it on the Nuna site and on Potterybarn Kids.

Emulait baby bottle

This new company uses 3D-scanning technology to create a baby bottle that matches your own skin tone and anatomy. Emulait bottles come in 25 variations: 5 nipple sizes, each available in 5 specific colors to find the perfect bottle for your baby. You can scan your body with the Emulait app to get matched to a bottle nipple that is tailored to you, or if you feel that’s too “hey, send me a pic of your boob,” you can still self-measure and select an option that’s a match. I think it’s an interesting concept – especially if you plan on both bottle and breastfeeding – and I’ll be interested to see how they do. They should be available in early 2023.

Munchkin Sparrow Stroller unfolded and folded with picture of woman pushing a child in one

The ultra-compact portable stroller quickly folds down so small it can easily fit the overhead compartment of an airplane. It reminds me of the GB pockit but the fold looked interesting to me and I’ve always found Munchin products to be well thought out. With all of these ultra-compact strollers, you’re trading the canopy, storage basket, etc. for the ‘littleness’ but it would be great for air travel or public transit where you are getting on and off a lot with a toddler who claims to be able to walk. You can find it on the Munchkin site and on Amazon.

four products from the Frida pregnancy care line

I am waiting for the year that Frida doesn’t come out with some smart, new products (it has yet to come). They recently launched a pregnancy care line that includes Bump + Body In Shower Lotion, Stretch Prep Balm, No-Friction Stick, Leg + Foot Swell Spray, a Keep Cool pregnancy pillow, Pain + Strain Relief Tape and Anti-Nausea Bands. You can find them on the Frida site and on Amazon.

Bombol Pop-Up Booster unfolded and folded

I’ve known about this for a while but I wanted to see if this origami-style booster seat actually works. It does! This ultra-light, portable booster pops open to become a sturdy, comfy seat when you need it – and folds completely flat when you don’t. It’s around $130 so it isn’t cheap but it’s well made and would probably be worth the investment if you eat out a lot, travel, or want a space saver. You can find it on the Bombol site, and on Amazon.

man pushing toddler in a Veer Switchback in the forest with configurations

This is a cool modular system that can easily switch to a single stroller, a double stroller, a jogger stroller, a bike seat, a mealtime booster seat, and a camp chair. Veer is known for being pricey but their products are incredibly well made, and they don’t skimp on materials or details. If you love the outdoors and you have a bit of cash, this would probably be right up your forest path. You can check out our review of the Veer Switchback for more details or find it on the Veer site.

woman pushing stroller with Quilbie cover

This baby cover is like blackout curtains for your infant car seat – it blocks out light and noise while still remaining breathable. It’s rain repellent and even blocks heat from sunlight to help keep your baby cool in the summer. They are a family-owned startup so they aren’t cheap ($80) but if you live in a noisy place where you’re hoping your baby can grab some zzzs, it might be worth checking out. They come in two patterns and you can find them on the Quilbie site.

three coversions of the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 High Chair

The Ergobaby Evolve converts from an ergonomic highchair to a supportive ‘kid’ chair to a kitchen helper. I’m a big fan of products that have a long shelf life so this definitely caught my eye. There are a lot of high chairs that convert to low toddler chairs but I feel like you’d get more use out of the kitchen helper. I just wish they included it in the kit rather than as an add on but it’s probably better in the long run for people who wouldn’t use it. You can find the Evolve 3-in-1 High Chair on the Ergobaby site.

Cradlewise crib in nursery

Cradlewise is an all-in-one crib, bassinet, and baby monitor that senses early wake-up signs and automatically bounces to soothe baby back to sleep. The standout for me is that it’s a crib vs. a bassinet, so you can use it for a longer period of time (as soon as your baby starts rolling, they have to come out of a bassinet because they can get on their knees and yeet themselves out of there.) It also bounces vs. rocks which is the complaint many people have with the Snoo (you have to use the built-in swaddle so the rocking doesn’t accidentally ‘rock’ them over). It’s not shocking that it’s pricey but I would have sawed off my right arm to get four consecutive hours of sleep when I had a newborn, so I would have been the target market for this. You can find out more on the Cradlewise site.

Halo SleepSure monitor on a baby's leg close up

Halo has developed a wearable baby monitor that tracks four sleep measures in real-time: heart rate, rollover, skin temperature, and movement. It has an ‘on the go’ mode that you don’t see in similar monitors and it’s over $100 cheaper than the Owlet, which is sure to give it a leg up (happy pun there). There are a lot of wearable monitors on the market, but Halo is a big leader when it comes to sleep safety, so it will be interesting to see how this one does. You can find it on the Halo site.

green waves on a Freestyle tree-free diaper

These tree-free diapers are made from 100% bamboo pulp, not tree pulp. (Other bamboo diapers only use bamboo for the outermost liner of the diaper.) They are super absorbent, soft, and – using size 1 as an example – they come in at about 38¢ a diaper with a subscription which is comparable to other premium brands (and some mainstream brands). I’m excited to see how this unique diaper does in the market. You can check them out on the Freestyle website.

woman rolling up a Totter + Tumble Play Mat

Totter + Tumble has collaborated with Morris & Co on these gorgeous, new playmat patterns. I love these double-sided playmats because they are beefy yet squishy for safe, non-headbonking floor time. They aren’t cheap but I feel the timeless styles would serve you long past the baby years. You can find the whole collection on the Totter + Tumble site.

TernX Carry On Stroller

I’m a big fan of compact travel strollers (like the gb Pockit) but there is something very interesting about merging carry on luggage with the stroller. This ‘luggage’ can hold a backpack’s worth of stuff (18 liters) and folds out to a stroller. It’s made from aluminum and recycled polycarbonate, adheres to IATA and TSA carry on standards, and can hold a child around 33 lbs (this would be your average 3-year old.) It ain’t cheap ($599) but it is definitely cool. You can check it out on the TernX site.

four products from the Babyganics Kids line

Babyganics recently introduced a new ‘grown-up’ line specifically designed to support kids with “I wanna do it myself” energy.  The line includes a 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo & conditioner, easy-rinse-shampoo, detangling conditioner, detangling spray, and alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer. They have been out for a little while but I thought they were worth mentioning because I’m a fan of this affordable brand. You can check out Babyganics Kids on the Babyganics site and Amazon.

Moby x Oceanworks Baby Bath Bundle

Skip Hop partnered with Oceanworks to create this bath bundle made from 70% recycled ocean-bound plastics. The thing that first caught my eye was the Stowaway Bath Toy Bucket​ because it’s larger than most bath toy holders AND it has a tray that catches all the water. The set includes a sweet Stack & Sort Boat Bath Toy and the timeless Moby Waterfall Rinser​. It’s out now and you can find it on the Skip Hop site.

Ella Stroller

A company called Glüxkind has developed this Ella smart stroller. It contains a motor that automatically assists in going uphill or braking on slopes. (This feature reminds me of the Cybex e-Priam that came out a few years ago.) It has an obstacle warning system, a built-in speaker to play white noise for your baby and a “rock-my-baby” mode. Both the hands-free strolling and the ability to incline the bassinet for ‘reflux’ makes me nervous and I wonder if the designers are totally in the loop regarding infant safety. Still, I’m a sucker for innovation, Canadians, and umlauts, so this $4,000 stroller is making my list. You can find out more about it on the Glüxkind Kickstarter.

Little Faces Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like book cover

Okay, here’s where I toot my own horn a bit. I wrote this book. ::toot toot:: Brittany (the founder of Little Feminist Book Club) and I were talking about how no books show what feelings look like in real faces. Sure, some books show ‘happy’ with one face or an illustration, but none show the variations that can happen in different faces in different kids. It took FOREVER to put together and I’m really proud of it because I think it will help a lot of kids make sense of the subtleties of emotion. Here’s a post about everything that went into it and you can grab a copy from the Little Feminist Book Club website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or wherever quality books are sold.

Have you heard of anything coming out in 2023 that sounds cool?

Let me know in the comments or email me! I’ll keep updating the list throughout the year as new pregnancy and baby gear comes out.

Also check out: Cool and New Pregnancy & Baby Products in 2022 – everything in that list is now available!


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How Many Weeks Pregnant in Months (Cheat Sheet)


When someone says, “I’m 27 weeks pregnant,” it’s hard to know what that means without doing some quick math. It also doesn’t help that no one is technically pregnant until week three or that 40 weeks is still considered the 9th month of pregnancy – c’mon, we all know it’s ten and feels like a million.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to calculate what week is when.

You can click on the links to learn more about each week or sign up for the Pregnancy Calendar to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox.

First Trimester

  • The first trimester of pregnancy is tricky because pregnancy starts before anyone has ovulated or fertilized an egg. It’s easier to calculate a due date from the first day of a period rather than conception. Even if you know the exact time of sex, you won’t know the exact time of conception because it can vary if sperm is being speedy or taking its time.
  • 1 week pregnant This is the first day of your last period.
  • 2 weeks pregnant uterine lining building up to prep for ovulation.
  • 3 weeks pregnant Sperm and egg have met. (Conception.)
  • 4 weeks pregnant Four weeks is one month pregnant.
  • 5 weeks pregnant Five weeks is just over one month pregnant.
  • 6 weeks pregnant Six weeks is one and a half months pregnant.
  • 7 weeks pregnant Seven weeks is one month and three weeks pregnant. (Almost two months.)
  • 8 weeks pregnant Eight weeks is two months pregnant.
  • 9 weeks pregnant Nine weeks is just over two months pregnant.
  • 10 weeks pregnant Ten weeks is two and a half months pregnant.
  • 11 weeks pregnant Eleven weeks is two months and three weeks pregnant. (Almost three months.)
  • 12 weeks pregnant Twelve weeks is three months pregnant.
  • 13 weeks pregnant Thirteen weeks is just over three months pregnant.

Second Trimester

  • The second trimester runs from week 14 to week 27. It’s the trimester when morning sickness is likely to subside (or not) and when you start to look cute pregnant vs. “are you sure it’s not twins” pregnant.
  • 14 weeks pregnant Fourteen weeks is three months and two weeks pregnant.
  • 15 weeks pregnant Fifteen weeks is three months and three weeks pregnant. (Almost four months.)
  • 16 weeks pregnant Sixteen weeks is four months pregnant.
  • 17 weeks pregnant Seventeen weeks is just over four months pregnant.
  • 18 weeks pregnant Eighteen weeks is four and a half months pregnant.
  • 19 weeks pregnant Nineteen weeks is four months and three weeks pregnant. (Almost five months.)
  • 20 weeks pregnant Twenty weeks is five months pregnant.
  • 21 weeks pregnant Twenty-one weeks is just over five months pregnant.
  • 22 weeks pregnant Twenty-two weeks is five and a half months pregnant.
  • 23 weeks pregnant Twenty-three weeks is five months and three weeks. (Almost six months pregnant.)
  • 24 weeks pregnant Twenty-four weeks is six months pregnant.
  • 25 weeks pregnant Twenty-five weeks is just over six months pregnant.
  • 26 weeks pregnant Twenty-six weeks about six and a half months pregnant.
  • 27 weeks pregnant Twenty-seven weeks is 6 months and 3 weeks pregnant. (Almost 7 months.)

Third Trimester

  • The third trimester runs from week 28 to week 40. This is the home stretch although it rarely feels like it and those last few weeks of pregnancy can feel like a million years.
  • 28 weeks pregnant Twenty-eight weeks is 7 months pregnant.
  • 29 weeks pregnant Twenty-nine weeks is just over 7 months pregnant.
  • 30 weeks pregnant Thirty weeks is 7 and a half months pregnant.
  • 31 weeks pregnant Thirty-one weeks is 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant. (Almost 8 months pregnant.)
  • 32 weeks pregnant Thirty-two weeks is 8 months pregnant
  • 33 weeks pregnant Thirty-three weeks is just over 8 months pregnant.
  • 34 weeks pregnant Thirty-four weeks is 8 and a half months pregnant.
  • 35 weeks pregnant Thirty-five weeks is 8 months and three weeks pregnant. (I’d probably say “almost nine months.)
  • 36 weeks pregnant Thirty-six weeks is 9 months pregnant. (But you’re still not done. Sorry.)
  • 37 weeks pregnant Thirty-seven weeks is just over 9 months pregnant.
  • 38 weeks pregnant Thirty-eight weeks is 9 and a half months pregnant.
  • 39 weeks pregnant Thirty-nine weeks is 9 months and three weeks pregnant. (Officially full term.)
  • 40 weeks pregnant Forty weeks is still considered the 9th month of pregnancy. (Due date.)
  • 41 weeks pregnant Forty-one weeks is still considered the 9th month of pregnancy. (One week overdue.)
  • 42 weeks pregnant Forty-two weeks is 9 months and two weeks overdue.

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Best Custom Photo Books for Every Type of Parent


Most of us have every intention of creating gorgeous family photo albums to have as a keepsake. But finding the time, the right type of book or even knowing where to start can be tough.

Here’s a list of some the best photo book options out there – and what makes each one great. Whether you want something quick and easy to put together or are all about the design and style – there’s something to check all the boxes for every parent out there.

parent looking at a mixbook custom photo album

Easiest to Use

Making your custom photo album is a breeze using Mixbook’s app or desktop browser. In the app, the “Automagic” feature finds and groups related photos from your camera roll into photo books that are easy to edit and share in just a few clicks. Choose the perfect theme, pick your favorite photos, add fun extras like backgrounds, stickers and captions, and choose your cover type, paper finish, and book size, and your book will be on its way to your door in no time!

I’ve ordered from Mixbook before and was super impressed with the design process and overall quality of the books. Their site often has promo codes, so keep an eye out for a great deal. Start designing your Mixbook here.

Be sure to use the code MIXPC50 to get up to 50% off Mixbook – sometimes, the promos they are running on the site are even better, so check them both. (see below for the nitty gritty.)

Get up to 50% off Mixbook with the code MIXPC50

50% Off $129+, 40% Off $99+ or 30% Off PLUS Free US & CA Standard Shipping on orders $70+: Free U.S. & Canada Standard Shipping applies to orders over $70 within the continental United States or Canada only. 

This offer is only valid with coupon code MIXPC50. 

  • Enjoy 50% off orders over $129, 
  • 40% off orders over $99, 
  • or 30% off everything else. 

Order must total $129 or more before discount, shipping and tax is applied to qualify for 50% off discount, or $99 or more before discount, shipping and tax is applied to qualify for 40% off discount. 

This offer cannot be combined with other coupons, vouchers, Groupons, or applied after an order has been placed. 6×6 photo books are excluded from this offer. Discount applies only to completed projects. No adjustments on previous purchases. Taxes will apply. Offer expires 07/31/2023 (11:59 pm PT).

three custom chatbooks

Best Subscription Options

With Chatbooks, you’ve got two basic options for a high-quality photo book. You can either have your books created on auto-pilot and sent to you regularly, or you can make them custom. Your options for subscriptions are Monthbooks, which are Softcover ($10) or hardcover ($15), 5×7”, 30-page photo books or Monthly Minis, which are 5×5”, 30-page books ($7).

I love the stunning designer covers from brands like Rifle Paper Co. and Ampersand Design Studio. Chatbooks are my go-to grandparent gift every year for birthdays, Christmas – you name it. They’re easy, affordable, and a hit every single time. Check them out here.

customized family photo album

Great Design Options at an Awesome Price (for Costco Members)

Shutterfly has been in the photo book biz for a while now – and it remains one of the most popular choices out there.

They’ve got loads and loads of ‘scrapbook-esque’ design and style options and a few different paths to choose from. “Make It Manually” and you can choose every little detail yourself or pick “Make It Fast” to autofill your photos and check out design suggestions and new features.

Their “Kids” section includes special themes like Disney photo books, kids and baby photo books, children’s board books and personalized story books. Looking for a certain je ne sais quoi but je ne have the time to put it all together? Hit up the Make My Album Designer Service to have Shutterfly’s experts do the work for you. Best of all, you can take the credit and nobody’ll ever know. Get started here.

blurb baby book
Blurb (via babyccinokids)

Great for Hardcore Designers

Another great site, Blurb, offers up books with excellent quality, plus the option to choose pre-built templates or free reign to design your own using BookWright, their free design tool.

This site is really great for those of us that like to start with a blank canvas and have a lot of creative freedom. You can import images from Instagram, Facebook, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, or your computer – and it can be as easy as dragging and dropping. And if you want to get fancy, you can also design your own cookbooks, kids’ books, travel and yearbooks. Check them out here.

Snapfish custom photo book

Best Site to Score a Deal

The nice thing about Snapfish is that, like Shutterfly, they offer you the ‘scrapbook feel’ to their photo books.

You can choose your design theme, arrange your photos, play with your backgrounds and even add embellishments like frames, stickers, quotes and more. It gives your book a ‘designy’ look with a nice personal touch. Choose extras like layflat pages, matte finish hard covers and glossy, quality paper pages to take your book to the next level of coffee table couture.

Don’t miss their Deals tab to save a few bucks! Get your Snapfish photo book here.

child looking at professionally designed photobook
Artifact Uprising

Best “Hand It Over” Option

Artifact Uprising has a really unique and handy photo book service for folks who just don’t have the time or energy to curate an album on their own – their designers do the work for you!  

Share your vision on your album and then upload your photos. From there, a design team will create your book and send it to you to preview and proof it. Once you’re happy with the layout, you can add the finishing touches by choosing your photo book size, quality, and any special extras like premium paper options, cover material and lay flat pages.

Also, check out their popular “The Story of You” books for years 0-1 and 1-5. These interactive photo journals give you prompts to help document your little’s first years including their birth story, mini-milestones and more.

These books come with a code for a free set of Everyday Prints to get you started. Head over to Artifact Uprising here.

pinhole press custom board book
Pinhole Press

Cutest Board Books for Kids

Looking for a totally unique gift for any special occasion?

These adorable customized board books are so cute and one of a kind – they’re the perfect way to capture a few of your favorite baby photos. You can make your own custom photo book design in the board book format, or go the personalized board book route and make your baby’s photos into a little story. Either way, they’re a baby-proof, cute, sweet way to save your baby pics. Head over to Pinhole Press to start making yours!

Tinybeans Photo book

Best “One Stop Shop” Option

Tinybeans is super-cute because it’s not only an online baby journal you can share with your family – it’s also a great keepsake of photos. (I have a review on them here.) It lets you keep all your little memories and notes in one place and then capture it into a photo book. Simple and easy to make (a must when you’ve got a wee babe). Start building yours here.

Cover of Walmart family pictures book

Most Budget-Friendly

For something easy to make, great to look at, and cost-effective to buy, Walmart’s got you covered with lay flat, softcover and hardcover photo books that you can pick up in-store or have delivered to your front door. For something a little different, they also have a video photo book with a 7” display that holds up to 75 photos. In a hurry? Walmart can whip up an express photo book in-store that can be ready the next day. Check out Walmart’s photo center here.

custom photobook on a table

Best if You Already Have a Membership

Costco has recently partnered with Shutterfly to take your photo experience to the next level and save you some moolah in the process. Costco members get 51% off every Shutterfly order and also get free shipping on orders over $49. Find out more about ordering your Shutterfly book at Costco prices here.

Which site does the best custom photo books overall?

With all the photo book options available, making an album your family will love forever is easier and more affordable than ever. If you’re looking for a site that makes photobook building a breeze at a decent price, I’d recommend checking out Mixbook first.

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The Best Baby Naming Sources 2023


Oh man, do I love naming. My dream job was naming lipstick and nail polish colors, that is until I became pregnant. Then my all time favorite thing to do was name babies. The only problem was my dumb husband weighed in with his opinion. “What do you mean you don’t like that name?! That’s the best name on the planet!” Once you mixed my hormones in with my outrage, you can imagine I was about as pleasant as a cat in a bathtub.

I scoured every book, and every site and crossed referenced it with Google searches to make sure we weren’t naming him after a serial killer, Rhymezone to make sure my baby’s name didn’t rhyme with “mucous” or “twat.” Domain registers to purchase their name as a .com so someone couldn’t buy it and say horrible things about them when they were 17 (I read an article and went off the deep end).

It was a science I tell you, and a minor miracle we ended up with any names at all, let alone two we actually liked. So I thought that I might as well share my uptight tendencies with you in case you require a good baby name too.

Here are some of my favorite baby name websites:

Most sites break it down by category. Some are divided out in alphabetical order, and some let you select between boy names and girl names, and many offer options for gender neutral or unisex names if that’s more your jam. Let’s have some fun with baby name generators, shall we?

nameberry baby naming website

A feature that I love about this site is that if you search for a name, it gives you all the forum board results as well. So, you get a feel for what people are considering along with that name, middle name thoughts, variations, etc. I also like how they make the more popular baby names larger in search results. It’s well organized and makes clear lists of things like celebrity baby names, unisex names, trends and more.

baby name genie website

This site is fun. It’s more for the easy-going set and not for the highly strung like me. There’s a great name generator right at the beginning where you plug in your last name, toggle between male, and female or surprise me, and it spits out a suggestion. There’s a fantastic middle and first name generator where you have either name decided on but need suggestions for the other. You can create a poll for your name so people can vote on which one they like best. Although, the thing I loved the most has to be the Test Drive feature. You plug in the name you’re considering and it generates everyday situations where you’d use that name “Hello, Wellington Inc. this is Jacob” or “Hey Jacob. How are you doing?” I love it.

Belly Ballot for baby naming sources

With this neat site you pick 5 favorite names for your BellyBallot, then you invite friends & family to vote on them. There’s an extensive list of names, and you can get inspiration from several different categories, like nature names, top baby names from different decades, or even rockstar names. It looks like you can win stuff on this site too which is pretty cool. If nothing else, you can throw a name in there to poke the bear to get your family all riled up, like “Should we name the baby: Michael, Mitchell, Adolf or Atey-Eight?”


Namerology.com was created by the same person who founded (and sold) BabyNameWizard.com. Use the name grapher to see how popular a name is over time visually and the Baby Name Atlas to see how popular names are around the world. This site seems to work best on a desktop vs. mobile.

Behind the Name

This site has some cool features, like a Random Name Generator where you can pick the letter, category, etc., and it will spit out a name (I really loved a couple of them). It also has all the names that were popular by year and country, along with some other tools to help narrow down your name choice.

oh baby names website

If I had found this site when I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have left my office and would have been bottling my urine like Howard Hughes. It’s got everything: popularity of names, origin, uniqueness, celebrity; you name it – all in an easily searchable format.

Each name has a breakdown that offers insight into the historical origin, popularity, famous people and/or their children, and historical figures, to name a few. I think one of my favorites, though is the cultural reference section. It lists all the literary characters, songs and children’s books that include the name. Even if you’ve already named your baby, new parents can geek out and do a deep dive into every detail behind their perfect name. It’s also a great place for gift inspiration if you’re looking for something sentimental and meaningful.

And if you just need a little inspiration, it’s easy to search, even just by the first letter of your possible name.

mixed name baby naming ideas

What makes this site original is it allows you to research bilingual names based off whatever two languages you’d like to blend. In addition to the usual worldly tongues, it also offers some fun options with Klingon and Dothraki, which, honestly, sometimes works! It also has a feature that allows you to blend two names, if blending your genes wasn’t enough.

The basic option is free, and if seeing those fuzzed out boxes drives you nutty, you can upgrade for $10.

One quick note about websites – there used to be a really popular site called Baby Name Wizard that shut down, but now directs to a similar site.

As for baby naming apps…

babyname app is one of the best baby naming sources

Basically the Tinder of the baby naming world, this app lets you and your partner swipe left or right on different names and then consolidates those you both like into a list. It’s a fun and interactive way to explore names and maybe expose you both to one you love.

And a few ideas from readers for landing on the perfect baby name

  • Your favorite characters from a book, movie or TV show
  • The social security administration website
  • Maps (a few readers specifically recommended maps of Texas and Scotland)
  • Looking at your family tree or using something like Ancestry.com
  • Meaningful historical figures, musicians, or residents of your local cemetery (hey, you never know what will stick!)
  • Street signs
  • Movie credits
  • Name of the Day (a fun website that assigns a name for each day of the year)
  • Census name records from a certain time period
  • And last but not least, from a reader: “I found my middle boy’s name on the ‘winners’ wall at a dart bar.” Well played, ma’am. Well played.

Whether you’re looking for unique baby names, popular boy names, top girl names, rankings, or even expert advice, there are tons of resources to help you come up with the perfect baby name. And if all else fails, waddle over to your local dart bar, and see what sticks.

Are there other fantastic baby naming sources we’ve missed?

Drop ’em the in the comments section below!

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51 Earth Day Captions To Share Your Love For The Planet


When you stop to think about it, there’s one thing all of humankind has in common: Earth! It’s the single place we all call home. Now more than ever, it’s important to care for and celebrate our shared home, and Earth Day calls on us to do just that. And as parents, it’s our responsibility to nurture in our children a healthy respect and appreciation for the natural world.

So, this year, amidst planting your garden, taking a nature walk, or swimming in the ocean, take time to round up the best photos you’ve taken of the beauty all around you and share them to the ‘gram. All of those camera roll photos of your kiddos making sandcastles and your pups laying in the grass — or however your family enjoys this magical place — deserve to see the light of social media.

To help you find the right words to accompany your love letter to our globe, lean on these puns, lyrics, quotes, and other earthly sayings.

  1. Oh, what a world ✨
  2. For what it’s earth, I love our planet 🌎
  3. What up, world?
  4. 💚💚💚
  5. “Life’s a climb, but the view is great.” — Miley Cyrus
  6. She’s in full bloom 🌷
  7. Happy bEARTHday!
  8. Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️
  9. “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” — William Shakespeare
  10. Earth keeps me grounded 🚀
  11. There’s all kinds of magic, it’s hard to believe 🌈🦋💫
  12. This caption could be better but I didn’t planet.
  13. 🌷🐛🌻🌺🐝🌼
  14. Go green!
  15. May the forest be with you 🌲
  16. Don’t b 2 cool 2 care 🫶
  17. “The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry
  18. Earth is tree-mendous!
  19. Stop and smell the roses 🌹
  20. There’s no planet B.
  21. Here to catch some waves 🌊
  22. “To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” — Mahatma Gandhi
  23. Thank you today and every day 🌎
  24. I can’t be-leaf how beautiful Earth is.
  25. 📍Planet Earth
  26. “The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.” – Chief Seattle
  27. Ooh, heaven is a place on Earth 🎶
  28. 🐠🐬🐳🌊
  29. Tree hugger 🌲
  30. “I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you and I think to myself what a wonderful world.” — Louis Armstrong
  31. The sky’s the limit ⛅️
  32. Thank you, mother nature!
  33. Save the seas, trees, and bees.
  34. Flower power 🌼
  35. 📍paradise
  36. Can you be-leaf we get to call this place home?
  37. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” — Lao Tzu
  38. We all just need to go with the flow-er.
  39. Earth rocks!
  40. We all need some vitamin sea 🌊
  41. I’d say I’m pretty down to Earth.
  42. POV: We’re all just floating on one big rock.
  43. “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” — Henry David Thoreau
  44. Nature is the simplest form of peace.
  45. Hug a tree today!
  46. Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
  47. May there be peas on Earth.
  48. You grow, girl.
  49. Leaf your worries behind.
  50. “I am your mother, listen to me.” — Meghan Trainor
  51. Saving our planet means the world to me 💙🌎💚


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Best Pregnancy Tests to Detect Early Pregnancy


When it comes to determining if you’re pregnant or not, a test that provides accurate results as early as possible is high on many people’s priority lists. But what’s the best type of test out there for detecting early pregnancy?

There are many different kinds of pregnancy tests, but they all test for the same thing – the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in either blood or urine.

How pregnancy tests work

Quick refresh if you aren’t already elbow deep in the pregnancy world – hCG is a pregnancy hormone that starts showing up after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus, usually 12-15 days post ovulation (assuming you have a 28-day cycle). By about day 10 post ovulation, if an egg has been fertilized and you are indeed pregnant, hCG levels are around 12mIU/mL – an amount some tests should be able to consistently pick up.

Urine pregnancy tests labeled as ‘early result’ detect lower amounts of hCG than others, allowing them to give accurate pregnancy test results at the earliest possible time. That said, many people report having success with a wide range of tests, regardless of their classification.

Most of these (besides lab tests with your care provider) are home pregnancy test kits. These are your standard stick, cassette, or dip strip and pee operations typically used a few days before your expected period or after a missed period. Some are more sensitive than others, and all of them will likely leave you with a little pee on your fingers.

hand holding a positive First Response Early Result pregnancy test

According to a NYT study, these were able to detect 10 mIU/mL of hCG 100% of the time and 6 mIU/mL of hCG 50% of the time. There are options for digital and analog tests depending on how badly you want to play the “is that a line?” game.

positive Pregmate Pregnancy Test Strip

These urine dip strips come in a pack that allows you to first track ovulation, then test for a subsequent pregnancy. This one detects pregnancy when hCG levels are at least 25mIU/mL.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

If you’re into test strips (rather than individual plastic pregnancy tests like Clearblue or First Response), these are another option. These also detect hCG around the 25mIU/mL mark but are comparatively inexpensive.

Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

A stick test that detects around 10mIU/mL and uses pink dye, which many readers feel is less likely to give false results compared to blue dye tests.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

Inexpensive and accurate enough to be mentioned multiple times by our readers, these are often sticks or cassettes you pipette a couple of drops of urine into. The levels of hCG it can detect varies depending on the brand, but they are all regulated by the FDA and can be trusted to give accurate results.

 woman having laboratory Pregnancy Test

Laboratory testing

Done by your healthcare professional, these tests can be either a urine test or a blood test. Both will measure hCG and are very accurate. Depending on your care provider, you might do one or both if pregnancy is suspected (or they’re trying to rule it out). Sometimes a blood test is done as confirmation if you’ve received a positive result on a home test or even a negative result that feels inaccurate due to pregnancy symptoms like a missed period or nausea and fatigue.

But the most surprising pregnancy test on the list…your pet!

woman holding her pet cat on a couch

After asking our FB followers what the best test was for detecting early pregnancy, multiple responders said their pets. Cats were the most common response, but there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that dogs are just as capable.

People report a behavior change, like being insistent about lying on their laps or suddenly becoming very protective of them, as ways they’ve been tipped off that something is different. Why? With all of the hormonal changes occurring in your body, it’s thought the animals are picking up on a subtle change in scent, but at this point, it’s all conjecture. (Got a story about your pet cluing you in that you were about to add another mammal to the mix? Share it in the comments!)

So what’s the best test for detecting early pregnancy?

First Response Early Result and the Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test have the lowest thresholds for detecting hCG, but people report success with various methods. It really comes down to what fits in your budget and what you feel comfortable using.

Just be sure to follow the instructions so you don’t end up on an emotional rollercoaster thanks to a false negative or an evap line posing as a positive result. What’s your go-to pregnancy test? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Baby Registries: Comparison 2023


Baby registries can be super helpful for setting you up with much of what you’ll need to get you through your baby’s first year and beyond.

Many people create them before a baby shower but you don’t have to have a shower to make a baby registry list useful. Whether it’s to give friends and family a clue about what you need, or creating a registry just to get the completion discount or goody bag, it’s worth it.

What’s a registry completion discount?

Many sites offer a completion discount on the items that remain on your registry. For example, if you registered for a stroller but no one bought it, you can get X% off if you buy it for yourself.

This is why it’s a good idea to include those expensive baby items like strollers, car seats, etc., on your registry even if you don’t think anyone will buy them because you can use your discount yourself. The sites on this list that currently offer a baby registry completion discount are Amazon, Target, Babylist, buybuy Baby, Potterybarn Kids and Crate&Kids.

What’s a universal baby registry?

A universal registry means you can add items from any site to this registry. For example, with a Babylist registry, you can add a crib from Potterybarn, some bibs from Etsy, and a gift card from DoorDash. With a buybuy Baby registry, all you can add are items from buybuy Baby.

Which Baby Registries have a free welcome box?

Some sites with give you a welcome bag or box full of baby products, samples and coupons. A few will have conditions in order to get it but it’s typically reasonably straightforward. The sites that offer a goody bag right now are Amazon, Babylist, Target, and buybuy BABY. Walmart has offered a baby registry welcome box but is currently sold out.

Comparing Baby Registry Perks

Baby Registry comparison chart

Best Baby Registries Breakdown

There are tons of registries out there but these are the most popular ones that give you the most perks.

phone with babylist registry homepage

Babylist is an online, universal registry that allows you to register for anything and everything all in one place. You can register for things like clothes, furniture and diapers, but you can also ask for hand-me-downs, home cooked meals, and cash money.

  • Universal registry: Yes
  • Welcome box: Yes. You must add three items from the Babylist Shop and three from other stores to your registry. You have to make a minimum purchase totaling $20 from the Babylist Shop and pay the $8.95 + tax for shipping
  • Completion discount: 15% Receive a one-time 15% discount on items that are sold by Babylist.com 60 days before your due date and up to 6 months after
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $45
  • Returns: Within 9 months of the purchase date
  • Group Gifting: Yes on one Babylist Shop item
  • Cash Fund: Yes, through Paypal
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Add anything to your registry
  • Has an excellent app
  • The Babylist shop has well curated baby items
  • You can import other registries into your Babylist registry
  • Register for Help & Favors like babysitting and dog walking
  • Comparison feature will show the price at a variety of retailers so you can get the best deal
  • Gift givers can add to a cash fund to contribute financially to big tickets items or even a college fund
  • Happiness Heroes are available via email, chat, and phone to help you build your registry and to help less tech-savvy gift givers make online purchases
  • The Hello Baby box is one of the better welcome boxes


  • Their completion discount can only be used on one purchase from the Babylist store and excludes Lovevery, Pampers, Mockingbird, Guava Family, Nuna, UPPAbaby, Diapers, and Wipes
  • No brick and mortar stores
  • You can import another registry but if you make changes you have to update both registries
  • No bar code scan feature

Babylist Verdict:

Babylist is probably the most flexible of all the baby registries so it would be my top pick for anyone expecting. If you want stuff from Amazon and Target but also a few things from Etsy and Baby Gap, it’s an easy way to set it up in one place.

You can register for things like dog walking, meals, hand-me-downs and babysitting so there isn’t much you can’t register for.

Personally, I would register at a couple of places to get the completion discount but mark them private and then run everything through Babylist. Create a registry at Babylist >

MyRegistry baby registry on phone

MyRegistry is a universal registry like Babylist, Target and Amazon, but unlike those other retailers, they don’t sell anything. You simply add and then sync any registries you’ve set up elsewhere so you can share it all in one spot.

  • Universal registry: Yes
  • Welcome box: No
  • Completion discount: No
  • Returns: No
  • Group Gifting: No but has Cash Fund
  • Cash Fund: Yes
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Manage multiple registries in one place
  • Any changes you make on your outside registries will sync up on your MyRegistry
  • Popular wedding registry site so you might already be familiar with it
  • Scan item barcodes to add to your registry


  • 5% fee will be deducted from Cash Fund
  • Not as nice looking as other universal registries
  • No price comparison feature so wherever you have registered is the price that is shown

MyRegistry Verdict

If you have a lot of registries set up or if you’ve already used MyRegistry, this would be a good pick.

One of its main selling points is the sync feature so you can take advantage of the completion discounts of each store without having to jump back and forth to manage them. Create a registry at MyRegistry >

MyRegistry vs. Babylist

As much as I like the sync feature of MyRegistry, I think I’d still pick Babylist unless you plan on changing and updating your registry a lot.

Babylist’s cash gifts go through Paypal so the fee would either be 0% – 3% vs. MyRegistry which takes a 5% cut.

Babylist has some unique items in their store, you can register for Help & Favors, and I like their price comparison feature.

I would set up a couple of registries at places like Target and Amazon, mark them private, then import them into your Babylist registry.

Target free welcome kit shown on a phone for a baby registry

Target baby registry is a favorite because they have physical stores where you can check out the items and family and friends can shop your registry both online and in-store. Plus, you get extra perks if you’re a RedCard holder like an extra 5% off and free two day shipping.

  • Universal registry: Yes
  • Welcome box: Yes. You have to pick it up instore
  • Completion discount: 15% Eight weeks before your expected due date, you’ll receive a 15% off storewide Target Circle offer that is redeemable twice – once in-store and once online
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35 and free two-day shipping to RedCard users
  • Returns: Within 12 months of your due date
  • Group Gifting: Yes. Gift givers can contribute to a large ticket item (like a stroller) then you’ll receive a Target gift card to purchase the item
  • Cash Fund: No, but Target has partnered with Honeyfund for their wedding registry so I’m sure you could set one up for diapers vs. Cancun
  • Rewards Program: Yes. 5% off if you have a RedCard


  • Shop in store or online
  • You can combine your completion discount with your 5 percent discount if you have a RedCard or Target Circle offers
  • Lets you highlight which items on your registry you deem as “most wanted” and add notes


  • Gifts need to be returned in person
  • No in-store help
  • You have to go into a store to pick up the welcome bag and they often run out of them

Target Baby Registry Verdict

If you have a RedCard it’s definitely worth registering at Target.

Even though some people complain about their variety, they have a well curated baby section and their registry is universal so you can add anything to it. Plus, there are Target stores all over the place for people who only want to shop in-store. Create a registry at Target >

phone showing the Amazon baby registry sign up page

Are you surprised you can register on Amazon, a site where you can literally order anything from baby bottle nipples to a 12-foot beach ball? It’s a super simple, one-stop shop for pretty much anything and everything on your baby’s needs list.

  • Universal registry: Yes
  • Welcome box: Yes. Once a $10 (minimum) item has been bought off your registry
  • Completion discount: 10% – 15% Get 10% off two orders of up to $2,000 60 days before your due date and up to 60 days after. Prime members receive 15%
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $25, or if the buyer is a Prime member
  • Returns: Gifts can be returned within one year after you receive notice that it shipped
  • Group Gifting: Yes
  • Cash Fund: Sort of. They call it a diaper fund where people can contribute to an Amazon.com Gift Card
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Amazon Prime Members you can get up to $300 off with your completion discount (it might even be worth the $99 to join Prime)
  • People know Amazon and are pretty familiar with shopping there
  • There isn’t much that you need for newborns that you can’t find on Amazon
  • Their welcome box has historically been pretty good


  • Amazon carries a lot of sketchy baby stuff so it can be hard to navigate the good from the garbage
  • Completion discount applies only to items sold and shipped by Amazon.com and not to products sold by third-party sellers
  • No brick and mortar stores if you want to check out the goods
  • People are familiar with Amazon and not everyone wants to support them

Amazon Registry Verdict

If you’re a Prime Member, I’d set up an Amazon baby registry with them. Even if you keep it private and then import it into another site like Babylist, the completion discount and welcome box are worth it. Create a registry at Amazon >

phone with buy buy baby registry sign up

Nationwide and specializing in all things baby gear, this is a great spot if you’re a visual person who needs to see/touch/snuggle something before you buy. It’s also nice to be able to ask questions in person and have someone walk you through how something works (like folding a stroller or putting together a pack n’ play).

  • Universal registry: No
  • Welcome box:  Yes. Buy the welcome bag for $10 which you will receive a credit of $10 in rewards in your digital wallet to use at buybuy Baby
  • Completion discount: 15% Sent 6 weeks before your expected due date
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $59
  • Returns: You can return gifts within a year of the purchase date
  • Group Gifting: Yes
  • Cash Fund: Yes through Venmo
  • Rewards Program: Yes. Earn 10 points for every $1 spent (5,000 points = $5 reward) with Welcome Rewards


  • Baby gear is their primary business
  • Shop in store or online
  • Access to registry consultants (in-store or virtually)
  • If your gift purchases are over $1,500, you’ll receive one year of free shipping, which might come in handy for diapers and formula
  • Find a better price for an identical item and they will match it in stores or over the phone


  • Completion discount cannot be combined with buybuy Baby’s famous 20% off coupons and a lot of brands are excluded from the discount
  • Their welcome box costs $10 and is historically the most ‘meh’ of the goody bags
  • You can only register for things from buybuy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond
  • The website isn’t great and is pretty slow

buybuy Baby Verdict

Baby gear is what buybuyBaby is known for which is appealing to many new parents.

If you have one close by, it might be worth checking out, and the physical store might make returns a bit easier. Meeting with a registry consultant can also help when you’re feeling overwhelmed in front of a wall of nursery gear.

I would still set up another universal registry like Babylist, Target or Amazon so you can add non-baby items along with your buybuy Baby picks. Create a registry at buybuyBaby >

walmart baby registry with welcome box

Walmart is known for having great prices and they are everywhere. They carry a variety of baby gear and some more affordable versions of higher-end clothing brands like Carter’s, Monica + Andy, and Gerber.

  • Universal registry: No
  • Welcome box: Yes. Note: At the time of publishing, Walmart has run out of free goody bags
  • Completion discount: No
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Returns: You have 90 days to return gifts from Walmart and 30 days for Marketplace gifts
  • Group Gifting: No
  • Cash Fund: No
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Shop in store or online
  • Carries some exclusive brands like M+A by Monica + Andy and Rascal + Friends diapers
  • Most of the brands they carry tend to be wallet friendly
  • Can register for non-baby registry items like coffee makers, etc.


  • Marketplace can have very sketchy items that are hard to return
  • No in-store help
  • Only price matches with Walmart.com (no competitors) Note: this can vary by store.

Walmart Verdict

Walmart’s biggest perk is that they are everywhere.

A Walmart baby registry might be a good option for seasoned parents to add baby essentials and non-baby items. Like Amazon, Walmart’s Marketplace is swimming with sketchy gear that an inexperienced parent might not know to steer clear of.

I would recommend only using Walmart as a secondary registry if they get their free welcome kit back in stock. Create a registry at Walmart >

Potterybarn Kids baby registry landing page with baby in crib

Potterbarn Kids is known for their gorgeous nursery decor but they also have an impressive selection of things you’d have on a baby registry checklist.

  • Universal registry: No
  • Welcome box: No
  • Completion discount: 15% 60 days before your due date and up to 180 days  after
  • Shipping: Shipping rates vary
  • Returns: 90 days from the date of your due date or 90 days from when the item was purchased, whichever is later
  • Group Gifting: Yes
  • Cash Fund: No
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Well curated baby gear selection
  • Shop and return in store or online
  • Nursery furniture is Greenguard Gold certified, meeting strict standards for chemical emissions and safety
  • Free one-on-one design and registry consultants
  • Beautiful personalized items like towels and Everywhere Chairs


  • Shipping rates can vary a lot depending on what you’re buying
  • The completion discount has a lot of exclusions
  • You can only register items from Potterybarn Kids, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Rejuvenation and Mark & Graham

Potterybarn Kids Verdict

Pottery barn kids baby registry used to be on a lot of lists because they had a 20% completion discount. Now that they’ve trimmed that back to 15% with an insane amount of exclusions, it’s a harder sell.

If you’re putting together a gorgeous nursery, the discount is good for regular priced items, and the design services are free, so it’s worth registering.  Create a Potterybarn Kids registry here >

Crate and Barrel baby registry

This is another spot that has really beautiful nursery decor along with well curated baby gear.

  • Universal registry: No
  • Welcome box: No
  • Completion discount: 15% off three months before your due date and up to six months after
  • Shipping: Shipping rates vary
  • Returns: 90 days for non-furniture items and 30 days for rugs and furniture
  • Group Gifting: Sort of. A Group Gift Fund lets people add a dollar amount to a collective gift card
  • Cash Fund: No. Group Gift Fund is the closest to cash
  • Rewards Program: No


  • Well curated baby gear selection
  • Shop and return in store or online
  • Many items are Greenguard Gold certified meeting strict standards for chemical emissions and safety
  • Free one-on-one design and registry consultants
  • Fewer completions exclusions than Potterybarn Kids


  • Shipping rates can vary a lot depending on what you’re buying
  • You can only register items from Crate&Kids, Crate & Barrel, CB2 and Hudson Grace

Crate& Kids Verdict

Crate&Kids and Potterbarn Kids probably have a similar custom and therefore have a very similar setup.

I found it interesting that I couldn’t find a giant exclusions list for the completion discount as I found on Potterybarn Kids. I messaged them and they said only items on clearance or discounted are excluded. If this is the case, then it’s the better option of the two.

They have beautiful gear and they’ve done a good job of making the picks foolproof. If budget isn’t a huge concern, it’s a solid place to get everything you need. Create a Crate&Kids registry >

sign up page for the tot baby registry

The Tot is known for their well curated, eco-friendly and sustainable baby gear. The site is clean and easy to navigate and they also carry many hard to find items and unique brands.

  • Universal registry: No
  • Welcome box: No
  • Completion discount: 15% within 60 days of your baby’s due date
  • Shipping: $9.95 and free over $75
  • Returns: Up to 90 days after your due date
  • Group Gifting: No
  • Cash Fund: No
  • Rewards Program: Yes. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent (500 points = $5 off)


  • Exceptional quality, style and safety
  • Nice rewards program
  • Free registry concierge
  • Competitive registry completion discount


  • No in-store option
  • Pricey
  • You can only register items sold on The Tot

The Tot Verdict

The Tot is a one-stop shop that gives new parents peace of mind that everything is safe and tested. Not surprisingly, it’s on the pricey side but they do have a competitive registry completion discount and a good rewards program.

If you are concerned about sustainability and safe, tested gear, the Tot is an excellent choice. Create a registry at The Tot >

Final Verdict on the Best Baby Registry

If I had to register tomorrow, I would probably create a private registry with Target and Amazon and then run them both through Babylist. If I had some cash, I’d also add The Tot or Crate&Kids in there.

I would skip registering at places with no perks – like completion discounts, welcome boxes, and rewards programs – and just add those items to a universal registry. For example, IKEA has amazing, budget-friendly baby furniture but their registry is nothing special.

Of course, this all goes out the window if all you need is diapers from the Walmart down the street or if your friends and family are already familiar with MyRegistry from your wedding, but hopefully, this gives you a place to start.

Did I miss a fantastic baby registry that I should know about?

What do you think are the best places to register for a baby shower? Let me know about it in the comments!

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